PS I’m (not) Over You: Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Marry Me

Thinking that another problem was solved after talking to her grandfather, Ririna could only smile as she remembered how happy her grandfather when she took Skyler with her that morning. She was assured that nothing wrong will happen to her child as long as he is within the Han Family’s compound.

Skyler was also glad to meet his great-grandfather. He didn’t know much relatives and he was very excited when she told him, he will meet his great-grandpa. Donning his favorite shirt and blue overcoat, Skyler also took a small photo album he made with his mother. Photos included when he was a newborn baby, his first crawl, first time standing, eating baby food and more.

While the morning started with great happiness, Ririna was filled with anticipation as she drove through the streets using the new Lamborghini Huracan that her grandfather gave her last week. Coming back to the Han Family sure has its benefits. Now that she is an official family member of the Han Family, holding the title of the Eldest Miss, her rank on the business and socialites is secured.

She had also decided to move from her small apartment to one of the manors the Han Family owned. The place is accessible to Skyler’s school and her office. It is also a big plus since the private security of the area is tight, enough for the rich families residing within the compound.

Erica was in her passenger seat, who was also busy updating her with current reports from their spies and business informants. Her meetings and contracts to be checked are piling up on her office. With the upcoming art exhibition next month, she wondered if she has enough time to prepare her gallery.

They are currently on their way to the S&S Enterprises’ high rise building. Undeniably, their name was holding with high importance within the business district. Their building towering smaller ones around it.

As they slipped out from the car, they were escorted to one of the private elevators hidden from the public. As expected from the Park Family, they provide the best security personnel within the area. Ririna’s high heeled shoes clicked quietly on the ground.

She was wearing a simple white business shirt and white slacks which emphasized her well-defined legs. A black coat protecting her from cold.

Following behind her was Erica, her best friend and currently her personal assistant. She was wearing her usual black coat and slacks, her hair pinned up in a high ponytail. She walked with extreme caution, eyeing everyone with sharp eyes. Anyone could be a potential enemy of Ririna, so she couldn’t bring to lower down her attention and focus all around them.

As they reached up to the top floor where Eli’s office is, they were welcomed by Jonathan. It has been five years too since Ririna last saw him. Her heart clenched a little when she saw him. She really wanted to give him a hug but that would ruin her façade that she had lost her memories.

She gave him a firm handshake and a gentle smile instead. She could tell that the old man also missed her terribly. His eyes almost brimmed with tears as he greeted her. This man who looked after her since she was young, took care of her when she was ill, taught her everything she knew right now so she could survive in the Underworld.

As he leads them to the CEO’s office, Ririna took a deep breath, gave a quick look at Erica before stepping into the room where Eli is waiting. Turning her gaze around the room, she noticed nothing much were changed for the past five years.

Eli lifted up his head when the door of his office opened. He silently stood up from his seat and walked towards his important visitor. He has waited for years to see her once more. He could see the changes in her appearance. Her now pitch black hair complements her brown eyes. Her body matured well, her curves and slender body appealing to his eyes.

Taking a step forward, he adjusts his necktie and coat before addressing the young woman in front of him. He’s wearing a dark grey shirt, blue tie, and a dark suit. Ririna never mentioned this to anyone, but during her younger years, she likes seeing him wearing a dark gray shirt. It complements well with his pale skin tone.

“Miss Han.” His baritone voice sent shivers down her spine. His right hand reaching out to her for a handshake. It was the same tone as he used before. Her heartbeat accelerated, she could only hope that he will attribute it with nervousness and not because she still has some feelings for him.

“Mr. Park. Thank you for giving us a chance to talk with you.” She replied, her hand slipping against his and gave a slight shake before pulling back it immediately.

For the past five years, she was forced to talk nicely in front of clients, businessman, and media personalities. While her name is known to the socialite community, she is a very private person hence there is very limited information about her released in the public


If she could, she would pass those interviews and meetings to her business partner and personal assistant. Her priority is her son and the works she had to finish on time.

“Miss Han, Please take a seat,” Eli said as he went back to his seat and motioned Ririna to take the seat opposite. His hands taking some documents on his desk and quickly gave it a scan before turning back to Ririna. Jonathan moved to his right side waiting for orders from his master.

This is the first time that they are talking about business and not about what’s the mission and who’s the next target. Way different from what they had before.

“I assume this meeting is about the 18% shares I’ve got.” Always straightforward and never wasting time, Eli started the meeting. Ririna slightly tilted her head to the side before nodding in agreement. This motion gave Eli a chance to admire her beautiful neck and face.

“Yes, I’m actually trying to take back all the shares that my mother lost years ago. I’m sure Mr. Park understands that I need it back.” She said. Her hands in her stated to sweat. She slightly trembled in his presence especially when she noticed he stared directly at her.

What could he possibly be thinking?

“Fifteen Million for the 18% shares?” he asked while one of his brows arched as he looked at her.

She nodded at him. She hoped that she could stay calm throughout this meeting. It helped that Erica was standing behind her, keeping an eye and supporting her. She couldn’t possibly go in the devil’s den alone and unprotected.

“If it doesn’t seem fair to Mr. Park, please let me know what seems to be the fair price in exchange for the shares you have.”

His face remained stoic, she couldn’t guess any reaction from his face and body movements. Why is it so hard to understand this man? She thought with her staying on his side for years, she already understood every glare, every knit of his eyebrows, every smile he made.

Oh please, don’t let him smile in front of her. He only smiles when he was about to kill someone.

He only stared at her as if trying to read her soul. His eyes piercing and clear. After a long silence in the room…

“You.” He said. She blinked in confusion. What about her?

“You,” He repeated. “Marry me. I’ll give you everything you want.”

If there’s a competition for the fastest jaw drop in history, the three other occupants of the room could possibly compete for the first place. Did they hear him right? Did he just propose to Ririna out of the blue?

Her brain suddenly blanked out, leaving her temporarily unaware of her surroundings. She wasn’t really prepared for that sudden attack. What the hell is wrong with him? Can someone please tell her if she’s on a gag show? It really isn’t funny.

“I… I… I don’t understand what you mean, Mr. Park.” She’s here for the shares right? Why is he changing it into a marriage proposal instead?

“You don’t?” Eli looked at her shock and confused reaction. “I’m saying this to you. Marry me, bear my child, be mine. I’ll give and provide you with everything you need.”

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