PS I’m (not) Over You: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The Little Devil’s Troubles

Opening the door of his apartment, Evan threw the plastic bags containing chips and bottles of cola on the nearest couch, took large strides through the hallway and went to the kitchen. Following him inside, Ginny and Skyler noticed the messy clothes, wrappers of potato chips and bottles of sodas piled up in the corner of his living room.

Ginny snorted at her fiancé’s habit and attitude. She hopes that he will stop making this mess once they are married. She didn’t want to be someone’s maid to look after him. It’s a good thing that they have already bought their matrimonial house with enough rooms to house his collections and figurines.

She took the dirty clothes to the laundry room and cleaned up his space. As a neurosurgeon, Ginny might not have enough time to do these things every day. She could only hope Evan learns to clean up his own mess. The nerve of him disliking children when he himself acts like a rotten child!

Skyler scanned the room with curiosity. This man claims to be his uncle, his daddy’s brother. Aside from the trash that was left in the room, he noticed huge glass shelves with its own lighting on the left side of the room. It contains several action figures from famous video games and movies. Right above their head, he saw several aircraft from the Star Wars hanging from the ceiling. His uncle is surely a big kid with all of those toys he has acquired.

Evan went back to the living room, his soiled pants changed into clean jogging pants. He noticed the little boy sitting at one end of his couch. His eyes checking out his precious collections on the glass shelves. Evan loudly slurped some noodles from the instant ramen he had in one hand and sat beside the kid.

“Are you really my daddy’s brother?” Skyler asked. Evan nodded at him.



“Yep. We have the same daddy but different mommies.” Evan tried to explain without confusing the boy. Skyler blinked, trying to understand what his uncle said. His young mind thinking again. Same daddy? Is it possible?

“But mommy said there are only one mommy and one daddy for each baby.” He finally said.

Evan almost choked on the food in his mouth. He started coughing, his right hand covering his mouth while the other one seeking one of the plastic bags with bottled cola. Is this kid serious? Is there some deity that he accidentally disrespected lately? Why are these misfortunes falling on him today?

No. Hell no. He refused to explain and give a four-year-old the well-known “The Talk”. Never will he bring himself to that level. Ririna will surely bring out her big momma guns to kill him.

No. It isn’t his fault. Not Skyler nor Ririna. It’s all Eli’s fault! Man, did the devil himself actually pass his torture ability/skill to this child? Skyler seems to know what buttons he must push to trigger him.

He should have castrated that devil so he couldn’t pass his genes to the younger generation. Look what happened! The devil’s child knows how to embarrass him, torture him mentality without knowing what he had done.

He drank almost half of the cola to help him cease his coughing fit.

“She’s right. There’s only one mommy and daddy for each baby. But your daddy’s mommy and our daddy separated years ago and because of that, see, here I am.” Evan explained.

“I see. Does my daddy also have another baby aside from me?”

Evan shook his head. As far as he knows, his elder brother isn’t the type who commits himself to a woman. It was usual to see women throw themselves to his elder brother but he hasn’t really seen him having an interest and or in a serious relationship.

When he found out earlier that Eli fathered a child, he was not sure what to think of it. Of course, he was surprised. Eli wasn’t the type of man who prioritizes family what more for kids. He actually felt bad for Skyler because he got an emotionally constipated father.

“You are the only one, Sky. I don’t think there’s someone else.” He looked at the child. Skyler is actually smart for his young age. He hasn’t met any child like him before. He wouldn’t admit to anyone, even to his elder brother, that he is very happy having Skyler as his nephew. Who wouldn’t fall for this kid’s gentle smile? Although most of his looks were inherited from his father, his expressive eyes and cute smile undeniably came from Ririna.

It seems Ririna raised the kid well by herself. Based on Ririna’s gentle and positive attitude before her so-called accident, Evan knows any man who could have Ririna would be too lucky to have her. Who would have thought that his selfish brother will stake a claim to that woman?

“Did your mommy tells you anything about your daddy?” he asked, noticing how the child’s features looking sad and upset.

“Mommy said we couldn’t be with Daddy,” Skyler started, “Because there are so many bad people who want to hurt Daddy. She also said these bad people will try to hurt Daddy by using us.”

Evan listened to the child. Ririna’s reasoning seems acceptable. That’s right, Eli got a lot of enemies out there. If they found out about Skyler, he isn’t sure if he could protect him. Yes, he knows that Eli is way better than him in terms of hand to hand combat and planning skills. He would instantly eliminate any threats that came his way.

But with Skyler, would Eli consider him as a threat? As his weakness? Is this why Ginny refused and looked afraid when he tried informing his brother earlier? Evan looked down at the cup of ramen on his hands as if it was more interesting than anything . Although they are brothers, they are always in each other’s neck. Eli’s deep-rooted hatred against him and his mother were undeniable.

Suddenly he heard a sniffle beside him. Turning his head, he saw Skyler trying to stop his incoming tears with his two little fists while sniffling.

“But Mommy…. Mommy is always alone. Always working hard for the two of us. Sometimes she couldn’t play with me.” His tiny cheeks were flushed red and stained by the tears he failed to stop. “Mommy doesn’t know sometimes I hear her crying while working on paintings at night.”

Ginny joined them in the room, surprised to see Skyler crying. She gave Evan a questioning look. He shook his head denying the allegation that he was the one responsible for the little boy is crying.

“I want to see my dad but I don’t want my mommy to be hurt,” The little boy bit his lower lip and tried wiping his tears from his face with his right arm.

With all of the activities and his sudden emotional outburst, he felt drained and fell asleep on the couch beside his uncle. His little head cushioned by his Auntie Ginny’s legs while she stroke his dark locks.

“I’m sorry, babe,” Ginny started as she leaned her head on Evan’s shoulder, “I should have told you earlier about Skyler.”

“Tell me the truth, she really didn’t lose her memories, right?” After hearing the little boy’s troubles, Evan couldn’t help but think back to what had happened before Ririna’s disappearance. “We’re going to get married soon. Why would you hide this information from me? How can I protect you if I don’t know what’s going on?”

Feeling ashamed and guilty, Ginny buried her face in Evan’s chest.

“I know. I’m really sorry. You are right. She didn’t really lose her memories. The night when she woke up from her one-week coma, she was so surprised to see Eli on her bedside as if he was a different person. She was so afraid that he had already found out about their baby. It was the first time we saw her so terrified and cowering in fear because of Eli. I’m sure he was also surprised by her sudden change. I didn’t give a second thought to use it to help Ririna to get away from him.”

Evan didn’t respond. He was thinking about what he should do now to protect Ginny and his new found nephew. Let’s face it, they couldn’t keep the secret about Skyler forever from Eli. There is always a time that he will eventually find out about the child. He just hoped that he was strong enough to protect Ginny when Eli unleashed his wrath against them.

Crap, would this mean he has to sacrifice his playing time to train harder? He can always ask his dad for assistance but could he really share this secret with him? Knowing Eli’s attitude, he would only and unwillingly listen to what their father says.

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