PS I’m (not) Over You: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Little Devils

“Master Eli, we’ve already managed to find most of the stockholders who own the loose stocks of the Han Zhou Entertainment. But it seems you aren’t the only one who is eyeing them.”

He heard his assistant’s report. His eyes fixed on the papers on his left hand while his right-hand marking the differences in profits and expenses, comparing the monthly reports of the finance department.

“Who is it?” he asked without turning his attention to the other man in the room.

The short, almost bald, old man, coughed nervously as he gauges his master’s reaction.

“It’s Ririna Han, Master Eli,”.

After hearing her name from his assistant, his hand stopped marking the papers. His assistant’s heart beat so fast in anticipation. There was a silent rule that no one should ever say her name in his presence. For five years, it was quite evident that their master hasn’t really accepted that the woman he claimed his, left him. Of course, the two of them knew that Ririna was the rightful heir of the Han Zhou Entertainment.

After Ririna joined his master’s team, he was assigned to find any information about the girl. Jonathan Wei couldn’t understand why his master is eager to buy the Han Zhou Entertainment from the Zhou family. Is this a part of the revenge plan against Ririna?

He hoped not. He was the one who practically raised the girl since she arrived on his master’s domain. An old man who lost his chance to have a decent family because of his loyalty to the Park family. He had come to learn to love the girl as a daughter he never had.

“What should we do next, Master?” Jonathan asked.

Ten seconds passed before his master responded. Eli furrowed his brows while in deep thought.

“Let her take half of those stocks,” he said, “She will come after me soon.”

“Can we go now?” Evan sighed, his hands in his pockets while he eyed his best friend who was busy comparing two girly dolls on his hands. It was a bad decision on his part to come with Louie to shop presents for Louie’s twin girls. He should have stayed in his apartment, spending the rest of his afternoon with his video games that are waiting for him to finish the quests. Oh, he should have known that he will be drag out from his safe haven.

“Nope, we still need to find that doll Hannah wants. She’s been asking me for months for that doll, you know?” Louie said.

Evan snorted at his best friend’s acts. This is why he hated children. He couldn’t and wouldn’t understand their unpredictable attitude. One minute, they are sweet as angels, leave them for awhile, they would be like headless chickens running around. He really loves Ginny, his fiancee, but he prayed on every god that existed in this world that they wouldn’t have kids with those unruly behaviors.

He sulked as he turned his grey eyes around the store wondering how long can he endured parting with his games when his eyes halted on someone familiar standing outside the store which was near within the cinema of this city mall.

“Oh, this pink haired doll looks nice. Do you think she will like it? Evan? Evan?” he heard Louie asked. Who cares about that damned doll anyway? What the real issue is what is his fiancee doing in here?

She seems like waiting for someone as she looked around, then eyed her wristwatch. Is she cheating on him? He clenched his fists at that thought. No! She isn’t that kind of woman. He narrowed his eyes as he began looking through passing people, trying to find another familiar person that could fit a reasonable logic.

“Evan?” Louie asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Ginny is here. I’m wondering why. She told me she’s gonna babysit someone’s child yet she’s here.” he whispered to his friend, dragging him to the nearest checkout so they could follow Ginny around. Louie didn’t reply which confused him.

“Hey.” He looked at his friend, wondering why his eyes widened with shock. Following his friend’s sight, he saw a young boy waving to his fiancee with a happy smile. His own eyes widened and jaw dropped on what he is seeing at the moment. What is the meaning of this?

Why does the boy look so familiar? The boy moved next to his fiancee. He felt Louie’s hand touching his shoulder with the same confusion matching his. Looking back at the little boy’s face, he noticed his familiar features.

“What the f*ck?!” He suddenly blurted out earning a surprised reaction from other shoppers within the store. The kid looks like Eli when he was younger!

“Who’s the kid next to Ginny? Why does he look like Eli?” Louie asked, saying what he couldn’t express. Evan had no idea who the boy was. In the end, they decided to slip out from the store and call Ginny’s name to get her attention.

Her face was full of surprise when she saw the two of them. She looked like she was afraid and hesitating when she looked around, checking out if someone else caught her with the child.

“Hey, babe. I didn’t know you’re going out with Louie.” she greets her fiance nervously, kissing one of his cheeks to conceal some of her guilt from her lover. Oh, she has no idea how can she survive their incoming interrogation! She really hoped that Skyler wouldn’t mention this to his mother or else…

Gosh! She felt so stupid right now! She should not have taken Skyler with her! Ririna and Skyler deserve to live a quiet and happy life, something that they both couldn’t have with Eli and the Park family around them.

“Who’s the kid?” Evan asked.

Well, here’s the start of the interrogation. She will never betray her best friend. Still she felt a bit guilty for hiding some information to her fiance to protect the mother and child.

“His name is Skyler. We’re just stopping by to buy some missing ingredients for my cupcakes.”

Evan eyed the kid who was also staring back at him with narrowed grey eyes.

“What’s your name?” he asked the little boy.

“Skyler Han.” The boy replied giving a look to his auntie before giving back his attention to this stranger who kissed his auntie affectionately.

“Ririna’s child?” Louie asked Ginny in which she only nodded in response.

“You know my mommy?”

So he really is Ririna’s kid. So that means…



No, that’s impossible.

Did his “I don’t like commitments” elder brother, is the father of this child?

Evan thought. Did Eli know about him? Evan dug his pocket for his phone, ready to call his elder brother but Ginny suddenly took his phone from his hands stopping him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Ginny snapped at him. Evan looked at her with confusion. “What the hell is her problem?”, he thought.

“Don’t call brother Eli. Ririna hasn’t recovered her memories yet! I don’t know what will happen to her if something happens to her child.” she hissed to her fiance, making sure the child wouldn’t hear what she was saying.

“Hey, Kid,” Evan called out to the boy.


“I’m your Uncle Evan, your father’s brother. You’re my nephew.” Evan said. His fiancee’s face turned ghostly pale on his introduction. How could she be so careless?! Skyler and Eli should never meet. The boy eyed the man with confusion, his little brows frowned making him more like his unknown father.

“You know my daddy?” Skyler asked. Evan nodded back at him.

“Yes, want to meet him?”

Silence followed. The little boy frowned again then shook his head.

“What’s the catch?” He asked Evan who was caught off guard by that unexpected question. “What’s the catch? Mommy says strangers tells unbelievable things to deceive little children. Mommy says I should not talk to strangers who look too suspicious.” The boy continued.

Louie’s suddenly laughed out loud, his eyes stinging with uncontrollable tears. The kid just outsmarted his best friend! It was well known within the Park family that the two half-brothers aren’t on the good terms. There is always a heated argument and fight erupts whenever the two of them meet in the same place. In their recent fight, Eli broke Evan’s right arm. He probably thought he could use Skyler against his half-brother.

“And Uncle, why are you walking around with poop in your pants?” He was looking at his Uncle Evan’s back. The three adults checked what the boy was talking about. In Evan’s pristine and high-class black pants around his butt area, are smears of something brown and creamy.

Both Louie and Evan remembered the three kids and a toddler behind them when while they were in the ice cream store counter earlier. Evan threw his hands in the air in frustration. ‘F*cking hell. Are kids little angels? That’s bullsh*t. They are actually little devils in disguise.

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