PS I’m (not) Over You: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Memories with Her

The auburn-haired woman moaned loud beneath him, her eyelids shut as she writhed with pleasure as his mouth and hands worshipped her naked body. His fingers gently roamed her sides, his lips leaving kisses on her face and neck while hers kissed his cheeks and threaded her fingers through his dark hair. She bit her lips in anticipation, eyes still shut as he continued to kiss her heated skin. Her hands left his messy hair to slide over his shoulders, her nails raking his back.

“Mine,” the man murmured in her ear and pressed a gentle kiss on her jaw, “only mine.”

A loud ring broke the silence of the morning within his bedroom. Grey eyes opening at the sound, his body turning to his side to turn off the damned alarm clock, tossing it back on his bedside table. He groaned as he noticed that his body was affected by his dreams of her. His engorged member making its presence known to its owner. It has been five years.

Five long years without her on his side. He needed another cold shower for sure. It wasn’t the first time that he had dreamed of her. He forced himself to get up and moved to take a shower.

So many dreams of his were filled with her. The last five years without her was extremely boring. His dreams aren’t always carnal and sexually explicit. There are times that he dreamed of her smiling face, calling his name. Sometimes, he dreamed of her dead and lifeless on his arms. He also dreamed the day when he first met her several times. He couldn’t help but reminisce their memories.

A lonely mute child that was almost beaten to death in an orphanage. She was eight years old while he was nineteen. He wasn’t really interested to attend the charity event that his father’s second wife hosted in the orphanage where she resides. He despised his father’s woman so much that only his father’s threats made him attend the said event.

While they successfully dragged him to that event, he didn’t have any intention to participate in their foolishness. He skipped the welcome ceremony which he knew were filled with bootlickers and entered the orphanage’s garden instead. There are many tall trees ahead which he could use to avoid his father’s wrath and for him a chance to get a quick nap.

He only got half an hour of sleep when he heard several boys laughing and taunting someone at the hidden part of the garden. Hopping down from the branch he had slept on, he walked toward the commotion and saw five boys around ten to twelve years old beating a young girl on the ground.

His curiosity perked up when he noticed that the girl wasn’t crying even if one of the boys pulled the collar of her dress and slap her cheeks. She only gave them a disdained look. One of her eyes was a bit darkened, surely a black eye will form on her face later. Her cheeks swollen from the harsh slaps she received earlier.

“And here I thought that Mother Superior teaches the kids with good morale. Who would have known that we’re wasting our money to help raised insolent kids like you?”

At the sight of his intimidating figure leaning on the nearest tree, the boys were horrified by being caught red-handed on their crime. They threw the sticks and stones they had on their hands and ran away from the scene. For the past two weeks, they have been bullying the new girl in the orphanage.

Finding out that she’s mute, they made a bet on themselves as to whom can make her made a sound. They’ve been trying different tricks to make her speak but failed. Even if they beat her, she refused to make a sound and wouldn’t even shed tears.

The girl pulled herself off the ground. Her legs wobble slightly as she tries to compose herself. He walked towards the girl and pulled one of her tiny arms to help her balance herself. Guiding her to the nearest bench, he took his white handkerchief from his pocket and wipe away the dirt from the little girl’s face.

“Why didn’t you report them?” he asked. It was clear it wasn’t the first time this incident happened. He refused to believed that no one noticed the old injuries and dark bruises on her skin. The girl just shrugged her shoulders in reply as if telling him, she couldn’t be bothered by the bullies. Her response and actions were way too abnormal for a little girl like her.

She took the handkerchief in his hand and gently scrubbed away the dirt that clings to her knees. Watching her innocent face so serious on trying to clean herself, he couldn’t help but take her under his wing.

“Do you want to leave this place?” he asked. Her face instantly lifted up to meet his gaze. Her eyes wide with surprise. She nodded and response. “I can take you away from here only if you accept that you are going to be mine and your freedom is in my hands.”

Was he really helping her? Of course not, she has something in her that is necessary to become an assassin like him. Eyes and soul that aren’t afraid of death.

“What is your name?”

The young girl took his right hand. Her small hands have some warmth against his large cold hands. She traced some letters at the palm of his hand. R-I-R-I-N-A.

“Ririna?” she nodded and retraced her name again on his palm.

“Ririna Han,” she nodded once again and unexpectedly gave him a bright smile. A smile so beautiful that he knows he will never forget. A year later, she started serving under his command and was able to bring back her voice.

Waking up once again from his daydream, he sighed to himself and slipped away from the shower Covering his lower body with a large white towel, he filled his mind with today’s agenda while preparing himself for another long day ahead. Since the day she left, every passing day was full of thoughts about her. He would rather think of her than to think of that stupid ex-fiancee of his.

Thankfully, the bitch was so reckless she left traces of evidence of her cheating behind his back. It was so easy for him to destroy her reputation and career that she loves to brag around. Her scandal filling up the online community, newspapers, and magazines.

No other woman can compare to his Ririna. She was the only one that had ever made him feel weak in her presence. He watched her grow from afar. Saw how a bud blooms into a wonderful flower. He didn’t have any intention to make her his lover when he took her in. Everything about them was platonic. He never noticed when she started to become a woman. She was always smiling, happily chattering about the events that happened during her mission.

On her sixteenth year, he noticed some changes in her attitude. She became more reserved and quiet in his presence, only speaking to him when he asked something. She wouldn’t look at him when he’s around, her smile becoming rare to be seen. He was starting to think she doesn’t want to stay with him anymore.

The dam broke two years later. On her eighteenth birthday, one of his underlings requested her hand for marriage. It was expected that he could only decide for Ririna as her longtime guardian. A part of himself waking up, acknowledging Ririna as a woman. He was so enraged at the thought of her leaving him. So angry at himself for not noticing sooner that she was indeed a great beauty that no one could resist her charm. The unsuspecting rival was killed on the spot.

“No one is allowed to touch what is mine,” It was a clear warning. Ririna Han is off limits to everyone.

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