PS I’m (not) Over You: Chapter 38

Chapter 38: The Devil’s Bride

Skyler got very excited to check each room on his father’s penthouse, asking more questions as he found more paintings and sculptures to him in his office room. Without realizing it was almost dinner time when Skyler was finished with his babblings. Eli asked Ririna to stay for the night to allow Skyler to familiarize with and have more bonding time with him.

It’s a good thing that Ririna always prepared and packed extra clothes in Skyler’s backpack, but she didn’t have clean clothes for herself for the night. She was contemplating to ask someone from her household to bring her some of the necessities for her and Sky.

“I have your old clothes in my closet. You can see if there’s still something that fits, ” Eli said.

Ririna gaped at him. He still kept all of her things and clothes after she left? Why?

She had often stayed at his place when he took her as his lover. She spent so many nights in here. Thinking about it, this is where they conceived Skyler five years ago.

Ririna opened the walked in closet and checked if he really kept them all. Rows of business suits, pants, and casual clothes welcomed her. Walking farther, she noticed a row of dresses, button up shirts, skirts, and pants. Her things were kept clean and organized within his closet. If someone else sees this, they would definitely think that they are already husband and wife.

She checked the drawers and saw her old pajamas, her old underwears that she knows wouldn’t fit on her anymore. Her hips have grown as well as her chest. Rummaging the other drawers, she found some lingerie that she had before that she hadn’t unpacked and used.

Checking their sizes, she sighed in relief. At least she managed to do some last minute lingerie shopping when she found out she was pregnant with Sky. Going back to the sitting area, she found the father and son watching some historical documentaries on tv. What are they doing?

Eli was telling Skyler about the Huns and the Vikings that were popular warriors during their era. Skyler was so engrossed in his daddy’s storytelling, he didn’t notice that his mommy sat beside him looking at them incredulously.

“What do you want for dinner, Sky?” she asked.

Skyler drifted his eyes to his mommy and rubbed his little chin. Ririna almost let out a laugh at her child’s action. Maybe she is rubbing too much on him, he started to do her usual mannerisms.

“Can we have pizza and pasta tonight, mommy?” Skyler asked.

“Sorry, Sky. Daddy doesn’t have anything on his fridge right now. Let’s call for a delivery instead, shall we?” Eli said as he picked up the phone from the coffee table and asked someone to make a delivery.

Fifteen minutes later, the delivery man came and handed in their order. Skyler happily munched on his pasta and took small bites on his pizza. Ririna made sure her child was properly eating and occasionally cleaned up the pasta sauce that smeared on his chubby cheeks.

After their dinner, Ririna cleaned up their mess and lead Skyler to the bathroom for a quick bath. Eli went to his office and made some phone calls, ensuring that their missions were leading on the right path. He couldn’t give anyone an opening, not now that Skyler is part of his life.

When he came back to his bedroom, Skyler was already lying on the center of his king size bed, whispering words to his mommy, who sat beside him, tucking his clothes back to his backpack and checking his home works.

“Hi, daddy.” Skyler sounds very sleepy. He yawned and stretched his arms in the air.

“Sleep now, Sky. Daddy will be here. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.”

This is the second night they are sleeping together. Skyler still thinks that he will leave them again soon.

“Okay. Good night, daddy. Love you,” Skyler said before curling beside his mother. Ririna ran her fingers on his hair, humming softly to help him sleep faster.

After he took a shower, Eli saw Ririna seating on the edge of the bed, her eyes staring outside the window. The moonlight caressing her face with its charm, making her face mysterious and untouchable. He sat beside her and touched her upper arms.

“Something wrong?” Eli asked quietly.

“Father wants to meet me. I’m not sure what he is up to.” She replied with a sigh.

“Do you still want my 18% shares?”

“Of course, I still need them. I have to secure Jarred’s place before he comes back.”

“Marry me then,”

“Eli,” she looked up at him, her hand taking his left hand into hers. “This is my problem that I need to deal with alone.”

“I only want to protect you. Your problem is my problem. Let me protect you and Sky this time,”

“I know. I thank you for that but please understand I have to do this alone. I’ll seek for your help if I ever need it,”

Eli sighed. He hopes she will give him a chance to protect her. It is his responsibility after all.

“Alright. This is the second time you refused my marriage proposal. The next time I ask you, I will not take no for an answer.” He took her hand and place a gentle kiss on her knuckles.

“I will wait for it then,” She promised.

He will not able to propose soon. He and Skyler haven’t found a ring for her. The third time he will ask for her hand, he will make sure that he is prepared. Ririna will be his official wife soon and he couldn’t wait for it.

“I want to add Sky to my family registry,” Eli said after a long silence.

“Why? It would be better to keep Sky away from prying eyes,” she replied.

“I don’t want him to be called a bastard. He deserves to have a proper name and title.” Eli explained.

Ririna laid her head on his shoulder. His arm pulling her closer as he buried his nose in her hair, inhaling her unique scent. They stayed silently in each other’s arms while their child slept peacefully behind them. Deep in her heart, she wished this to never end.

Eli looked around at the buzzing room. Today is Evan and Ginny’s wedding. His whole family is attending the occasion. Seeing his wife donning the lavender evening gown they purchased the other night, he contemplated if he should lock her away for the day. She is so gorgeous today. Her short hair was curled and her fringe pinned by a silver hair clip.

“Hmm? Let’s make Sky our own ring bearer when we get married,” he told Ririna who is standing beside him. They are watching the staff adding finishing touches to the wedding.

“You’re talking to me now? I thought I wasn’t involved to plan my own wedding.”

Eli chuckled at her. He pulled her in closer and whispered in her ear,”I’ll make sure you will be the prettiest and happiest bride in the whole world.”

“I’m going to be the devil’s bride. You better make sure no one’s going to snatch the place.”

“You wound me. You think I’ll look for someone else when the witch has cursed me for eternity?” he asked.

Their conversation was halted when Eli’s father came to talk about Skyler.

He glared at his father while Ririna held his arm trying to calm him down. Gabriel simply looked between the two of them obviously oblivious that he has angered his eldest son when he asked where his grandchild is. He wasn’t able to meet Sky the last time because Eli took the child with him. Skyler was with Jiro who was showing Sky his new favorite toy sword that his mommy got for him.

If Eli looked like his mother, Evan inherited most of his features from their father. His father has the same shade of locks as his but his facial features more matured due to his age. He also has this calm aura and grin fixated on his face, something that Evan got from him.

“Ririna?” Aya arrived. She is also part of the entourage.


“Come on, it’s nearly time to start. We need to help Ginny now,” she said before leaving promptly to find Erica and Sara.

Ririna kissed Eli’s cheek before following Aya to the bride’s room. The bride is so happy and excited. She never knew that she will become a bride herself very soon.

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