PS I’m (not) Over You: Chapter 37

Chapter 37: The Afternoon Rays

Ririna got up from her seat and threw away their trash. Meanwhile, Eli helped his son wipe away the mess on his face. He then took him to the bathroom to clean up and change his clothes to the ones Ririna had passed on him earlier. He swore he will never step into this place again. The cleanliness of the establishment is quite disgusting.

After they all got into the car, he headed towards the shopping district. It was a bit far from their current location and ended up in an underground mall. There, he led his wife and son to a store called “The Purple Butterfly”. It was a high-class clothing store that only caters to those who came from wealthy families as well as those who are part of the Underworld.

They offered clothing for all ages and occasions. Both father and son went off to find a suit while Ririna was left on her own devices. She scanned through the stalls of dresses, finding most of them beautiful and very expensive. It isn’t like she can’t afford these dresses, she just not a social butterfly who loves to attend public events and parties.

A pretty girl with a pigtail hair came to her assistance.

“Mr. Park asked me to assist you in finding anything you may need help with, Miss Han. Oh, and he said that price wouldn’t matter since he will be the one pay for it,” she said.

“Thank you. I’m not really good at choosing the right dress and style for this event. Do you think you can help me find a perfect dress that wouldn’t overshadow the bride?” Ririna asked.

“Is there any preference you have? Color? Style of dress you want?”

“I like light colors. The motifs of the wedding are white, lavender and light pink, and I don’t want something that is too revealing,”


“I’m size 8 in dress and 7 in shoes. Do you think you can find something for me?”

“I think I know what’s the perfect outfit for you, Miss Han.”

The girl ran off for a moment and returned with a strapless lavender evening gown with a sheer white shawl. Ririna thought that it was absolutely perfect. Her shop assistant also gave her a pair of white high-heel shoes before leading her in the changing room.

The dress fits like a glove, showcasing her best attributes. She stepped out of the changing room to ask the assistant for comments but found the father and son waiting instead. Eli’s face lit up when he saw his wife step out. An aura of pride and possessiveness rose within him.

How can he be so lucky to have her as his woman? He always knew that Ririna is a beautiful but seeing her in this dress made him feel like he is looking at an angel. So beautiful, so charming. Is there anything that could describe her than perfection?

Eli held her hand and pressed it on his face. His grey eyes softened as he looked down at her.

“Have I told you you’re very beautiful today, wifey?”

Ririna let out a laugh and shook her head.


“Then I promise you from now on I’ll always remind you how beautiful you are,” he whispered, his arm coiled around her waist, before pressing a gentle kiss to her lips that she also returned.

“Mommy is so beautiful!” Skyler exclaimed.

Skyler hugged his mommy’s legs and grin up on her. He is donned in a black suit with a white undershirt and a black necktie. Ririna chuckled when she saw her child. Skyler turned out to be the mini version of Eli in a black suit.

“Thank you, baby. You’re looking great as well, my little prince.”

“Yay! Thank you, mommy. I asked daddy to find something that would be the same as his suit. We found this one,”

“You look good in it. I’m sure everyone will love their cute ring bearer. Can we change into our regular clothes now ?”

“Okay! Wait for me, mommy!”

Before Eli followed Skyler to the other changing room, he gave her one last kiss and tried to imprint her beauty in his memory. He wonders then what will she look like when she’s donning her wedding dress. Soon. Soon, he will see it on their wedding day. He promised to himself.

“I’ll see you later, beautiful.” He grinned at her then left to check on their son.

Ririna smiled to herself and went back to the changing room to change back to her clothes. The shop assistant took the dress and shoes from her to the cashier. When she walked to check with Eli and Sky, she saw Eli paying a huge amount for their purchases nonchalantly. He just shrugged it off and said he will pay anything for his wife and son.

The clerk and the other assistants within the store were surprised at what he had said. Of course, they know who Gamaliel Park is but they never thought that the beautiful woman is his wife. The child they assume is his but they never thought that the most eligible bachelor in town is already taken.

“Are you sure? I am able to pay for my dress. You don’t have to pay for it.”

Eli smiled before holding her hand on his side.

“You’re my wife. You deserve only the best. I’ll pamper and dote on you forever.” He said.
Ririna looked at their intertwined hands. She never thought Eli would be a smooth talker. He knows what he needs to say to make a woman swoon. She had already fallen in his charm without knowing it.

She wanted to correct him that she isn’t his wife but his bemused look made her mouth shut.

As soon as they checked out, Skyler quickly ran towards the parking lot, his parents following behind him hand in hand. By the time they reached him, he was chattering with new stories about their new activities at school. Eli, although it is his first time being a father to Skyler, is happy that he could experience these things with Ririna and their child.

In a world where he works as the unknown hero for the outside world, Eli never thought he would be able to get a chance to see his son and future wife happy like this. Since meeting Skyler, he wondered what kind of life they would have had if he wasn’t an assassin and Ririna was a regular housewife taking care of their kids. A foolish dream but with Skyler being with him now, he will try his best to give him a better life.

Their next destination was his penthouse. Eli needed to take some more clothes and important documents from his office room. When they arrived at the front of the building, a valet welcomed them and parked the car for him. He punched his pin code to the elevator to access his penthouse.

The moment the elevator door opened, Skyler squealed in delight as he checked every detail in the hallway excited to see his daddy’s place. When they arrived in the living area, Ririna noticed a familiar painting hanging on the wall.

It is her one of the earliest paintings. The one she unknowingly sold to Eli when Skyler got sick. It is the “The Afternoon Rays”. She stood in front of it, staring at the artwork she hasn’t seen for years. Skyler noticed his mommy unmoving, looking at a big painting in the room. He took a look at it and noticed that it was about a little girl and a young man who was kneeling in front of the little girl.

“What’s wrong, mommy?” he asked.

His eyes darted on the lower right of the painting seeing a familiar sign on it.

“It’s mommy’s painting!”

“Yes, it is,” Eli confirmed. “This is one of my most valuable possessions.”

He was just checking the records on his call log when he came back to see both Ririna and Skyler in front of his painting on the wall.

“Really, daddy? Why?” Skyler asked.

“Because the little girl and the young man is your mommy and daddy.” Eli’s lips curled into a smile.

Skyler’s eyes widened. Looking back again at the faces of the man and girl in the painting, he was able to see some similarities to his mommy but he couldn’t see the man’s face with his short height.

Sensing his distress, Eli picked up his son from the ground so he could check the painting better. With added height and closeness to the painting, Skyler could now see the details. One may not identify it at one glance but as Skyler stared at the painting as intently, he could identify his own father.

“It’s really my mommy and daddy!”

“Why did you want it?” Ririna finally asked after her long silence. Is it as special to him as it is to her?

“Why wouldn’t I want it? It is a memento of the time I first laid my eyes on you.”

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