PS I’m (not) Over You: Chapter 36

Chapter 36: A Perfect Family

When Eli and Skyler arrived at Ririna’s office, they found her still drowned in her work. Occasionally, Rion gave some comments to the woman who will only groan in reply. When Skyler saw his mommy, his face brightened up. He let go of his father’s hand and ran towards her and put his small arms to her left arm hugging it. Eli followed his son, gave a quick nod to Rion before placing a gentle kiss on Ririna’s temple.

“Hi, mommy!”, Skyler smiled so bright that Ririna felt her poor heart skip a beat.

“Hello there, my little prince,” Ririna said as picked up her son and made him sit on her lap.

“Did you like your surprise today?” she asked.

“Yes! Yes! Daddy picked me up from school. He said we’re going to go shopping.” Skyler said. He is so excited to go out with both of his parents.

“Really? Aren’t you forgetting someone?” Ririna smiled and turned her head to Rion who was looking at mother and child from his desk. Rion sighed and ran his hand through his long hair. Have you seen a man who has waist length hair? No? Rion has it and Ririna thought it is an irony that his long hair is silkier and more beautiful than women.

“Hello, Uncle Rion!” Skyler greeted his godfather.

Since Skyler was a newborn, Rion has always been by her side whenever Ririna needed help. Rion and Skyler’s years of bond is such that they both know each other’s likes and dislikes

“Hello, Sky, did you behave while you’re in school?” Rion asked. A small smile appeared on his lips. Skyler will always have a spot special in his heart. He will be happy to see him grow up with good morals and attitude.

“I did! Uncle, my daddy picked me up today.” Skyler told him with a big grin on his face. His blue uniform slightly crumpled when he gave Rion a quick kiss on his cheeks.

Eli who was silently watching how Skyler interacts with Rion felt a bit jealous. It seems Rion is the closest man that could be Skyler’s father figure if he wasn’t around. If he and Ririna didn’t get together again, will Skyler accept Rion as his daddy?

Ririna noticed Eli’s frowning face. She chuckled inwardly. The devil is jealous because his son is close to another man. Did he feel threatened that he will lose his child? Shaking her head from her thoughts, she intertwined her hand to Eli’s free hand which surprised him. He looked down at her with confusion written on his face. This is unusual, it was always him who started their physical interaction.

She pulled his hand making him bow before her. Their height difference is insanely huge. Her neck will stiffen if she keeps looking upon him. When their eyes were almost on the same level, she pulled his necktie making his face got closer to hers.

“Jealous, aren’t we my devil?” She teased.

Eli scoffed and tried to fight the urge to roll his eyes. Should he get worried that Skyler could seek another man to become his dad? No, impossible but he did like it when he heard Ririna called him as her devil.

“Do I have to? I only need to marry his mother,” his eyes teasing her, the end of his lips curling up.

Ririna rolled her eyes before whispering in his ear. Her breath tickling his face.

“You don’t have to worry about Rion. He doesn’t like women.” She said with a low voice.

Eli blinked at her words. Does that mean Rion is a homosexual? Eli has previously had a bad experience with one of their kind. Should he avoid any chance of being alone with Rion? He shivered at the thought.

Like a mindreader, Ririna knew what’s going on his mind.

“He isn’t gay,” she laughed silently, “Rion is asexual, hence I call him the thirty-year-old wizard,” she added. He pushed all the disgusting and unnerving thoughts and decided to go straight to the point.

“Are you ready to leave?”

She nodded and released Eli from her hold. Arranging the folders on their right piles, she bid goodbye to Rion who said that will do some overtime to lessen their tasks for the following days. Ririna thanked him as she took Skyler’s hand and led him outside. Eli followed them and opened the door of his car.

To her pleasant surprise, Ririna found a booster seat at the back. She helped Skyler buckle in before getting to the passenger seat. Once everyone was in their seats, they set off toward the nearest fast food chain for Skyler’s afternoon snack.

“I thought you’re not interested to attend their wedding?”

“My wife and my kid will attend as the bridesmaid and ring bearer. Do you expect me to stay at home and wait for ages?”

“So you’ve agreed to be Evan’s best man?” she asked.

“Father already insisted that I should, since I am going to attend, it doesn’t matter.”

Eli parked his car and got out to open Ririna’s door before helping Skyler out. Their excited little kid ran inside ahead of them, making both of his parent chuckles. Eli caught him before he reached the counter. Holding his son on his hip, he walked the rest of the way to the cashier. The woman at the counter blushed profusely when she saw Eli. She stared at him and checked him out shamelessly.

“Is that your son? He is such a cutie pie!”

“Yes, he is. I’d like to order two cheeseburgers, one large fries, and three large orange juice. Sky, is there something else that you want?” Eli asked Sky who was busy staring at the menu above the counter.

“Can I have a small choco sundae please, daddy?”

“Anything else?” The woman simpered, trying to get Eli’s attention but he didn’t even give her a glance.

Ririna finally made it to his side and smiled at the woman. The cashier expression turned sour as she realized that the beautiful woman beside her customer is probably his wife and the mother of his child. The father is extremely handsome, the mother is beautiful, and the kid is so adorable. What kind of family is this? A perfect family!

“Do you want to add more?” Eli asked Ririna.

“No, it’s alright. Let me take Sky so you can pay the order,” she replied.


Eli passed his child to her and swiped his card to pay. He moved aside so other customers could order. Ririna laughed silently beside him. She never thought she will see a day where the great Gamaliel Park would step into a fast food restaurant and eat those greasy and unhealthy snacks. He even ordered more than she expected.

Once they received their order, they found a secluded booth to eat at. Ririna sat beside her son as she helped him cut the burger in bite-size pieces. Eli, on the other hand, started checking his phone as he ate much to Ririna’s annoyance.

Why take them out if he was going to ignore them? Skyler was oblivious to what’s happening between to his parents and proceeded to make a mess while eating. His ice cream dripped on his shirt and his face smeared with chocolate.

Sighing, Ririna took a wet wipe from her handbag and started wiping her child’s face. Skyler whined and struggled from his mother’s hand.

“Mommy, no!”

“Sky, let mommy clean you. You’re already sticky.”

“Sky, listen to your mommy,” Eli interjected.

“Well, look who’s finally back from his own world” Ririna grimaced.

Eli was taken aback by her glare but could understand why is she angry at him. It could be very annoying when you’re trying to spend time with your family but work is keeping your attention. Looking at his wife, he sighed, turned off his phone and passed it to her.

Ririna’s lips twitched before breaking into a smile he always loved. Skyler watched silently with wide eyes, trying to figure out what they were talking about.


“Yes, Sky?”

“When will you get married to mommy?”

Ririna who was taking a sipped from her drink almost spat out at his question. Is Eli trying to mind condition their child already? She looked at the man with disbelief. Why does she feel that she won’t win against these two?

“Hm? Wait until your Uncle Evan’s wedding then we can start planning on it. Okay?” Eli explained.

Skyler giggled at his daddy. They haven’t found the perfect ring for his mommy before because they got distracted. He should help daddy so he could stay with them forever and ever.

“Hey! I’m here you know.” Ririna’s disappointing frown made Eli a bit guilty.

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