PS I’m (not) Over You: Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Family Troubles

Ririna spent most of her day checking requests and answering phone calls that were slightly delayed because of the preparation for Evan and Ginny’s wedding. It will be held on the next day. Eli had asked her if he could take her and Skyler to shop for their formal attire. While on break, she also has a quick check on her son in the preschool. Eli also requested that they visit their child in between their working times.

Looking to Rion who was busy typing on his laptop, she took a deep breath and tidied up her own desk. Rion turned his attention to her and shook his head. She has so many issues to deal with. In only about a week the charity exhibit will be opened. He could see that with so many things on going on her hand, she will have a hard time for the next two weeks.

Sara, Ririna’s new assistant came into the room and handed some more folders to her boss. Ririna groaned as she saw another stack of files she needed to check later. She just finished one earlier.

“Oh, lord. Why is this happening to me?”

Sara let out a silent laugh and help her boss sorted out the documents for filing later.

“Oh Miss Ririna. Someone called earlier requesting an appointment,” Sara said as she took the finished document from the desk. Her long wavy hair pulled up in a high ponytail. She’s wearing a white dress shirt and knee-length pencils skirt. Unlike the other assistants, she chose to use a pair of flat shoes. She looked so simple and ordinary but Rion knew better.

When she came in, Rion suddenly froze in his seat and tried to ignore her presence. He couldn’t understand why he had to meet her again. He must be one of the unfortunate men in the world. Does Ririna know what her new assistant’s pastime? Not that they have a say on it but f*cking hell he could only wish she wouldn’t read her porn comics while at work.

Of course, he knew Ririna have noticed. Nothing can escape from the witch’s eyes when it caught something interesting. Too bad she noticed his uneasiness as soon as she introduced Sara to him as her new assistant.

She has started throwing random questions at him which he successively avoided answering so far. As if he would tell her the details of what happened during their flight.

“The CEO of Han Zhou Entertainment wishes to speak with you ASAP.”

Ririna leaned back on her seat and rub her chin. Her father seeking her out? Well, it isn’t surprising that he already found out that she recently purchased some shares of Han Zhou. After all the company was founded by both of her parents.

Her father is a frustrated businessman who dreamt of creating an entertainment agency and because of this her mother, who deeply loved him, invested half of her inheritance to his company. She had no idea that after seven years of marriage, she would find out about her husband’s betrayal.

Should she meet him? They were really not in good terms. When her mother forced him to file a divorce, he shamelessly took Ririna’s younger brother and sent him abroad. Ririna hasn’t seen her brother for eleven years. She was able to reconnect with him when she went abroad five years ago.

She wondered if her brother came back recently. It would be one of the possible reasons why her father is trying to seek her. Is he worried that she will take advantage of her brother?

Tsk. Impossible. Even if both siblings didn’t meet for years their bond as brother and sister are deeper than others’ expectation. She believes in her brother, Jarred Zhou, who is currently twenty-one years old and finishing his business administration degree out of the country. She hasn’t talked to him recently. Maybe she should give him a call.

Both siblings knew that the murderer of their mother is still lurking out there waiting for them. They both received a blue envelope with the same contents but after some deliberation, both siblings decided to let Ririna go back and check on it. It was the best they could do at this moment considering that she just received another blue envelope from the proprietor.

“Decline their request,” Ririna decided. She has no time to waste with his father. She only seeks the shares of Han Zhou to prevent his mistress to overtake the company. Such a thick-skinned whore. If she thought she could bully her brother and bypass the company her parents built from scratch, she could kiss her dreams goodbye.

“Ririna, are you sure that’s a good idea?” Rion asked.

Ririna shrugged her shoulders and took one folder from the new stack of files Sara has added to her pile. She will not waste her time on that wretched man. There’s nothing else he could do to mend their broken relationship.

What would you do if you’re sent to an orphanage by a stranger when your father refused to take you? Only to find out after that he took his mistress home with their love child. She was deeply enraged when her brother was sent away without informing her. What kind of father will abandon his child when he is needed? A useless and stupid father that is. Their family troubles started from him.

“Okay, noted. I’ll inform them your schedule is already full for the next two weeks.” Sara said.

“Thanks, Sara. You’re a lifesaver. You can leave early today if you’re done with your tasks. I’m sure Ginny needs some help for the flower arrangement.” Ririna smiled.

“Yeah, Sister Ginny is already going crazy with all the preparation since she only has two days to see everything is alright,” Sara said before she slipped out of the room.

“So? Still pretending that you haven’t met before?” Ririna asked Rion when Sara left her office.

“How did you know about it?” Rion was surprised that he was already busted.

“You just did,” Ririna laughed. Damn, he was tricked by the witch. Rion grimaced.

“But she doesn’t seem affected by you. You’re the only one who looks suspicious. So did you have a one night stand with her or what?” her grin is almost feral that sent a shiver down his spine.

“Goddamnit, Ririna! I don’t! Where did you get those ideas?” Rion exclaimed but there was a hint of blush on his cheeks that made Ririna arch a brow.

“Oh, so you’re still a thirty-year-old virgin? Damn wizard, I didn’t know you were serious with your road to sage mode. Too bad your family bloodline ends with you. Tsk,” Ririna shook her head. Her friend is hopeless with women. She could only hope that he will be able to meet a woman who can pique his interests.

If only she knew that her wish for her friend has already been granted.

After his business meeting, Eli was the one who got Skyler from his school. His presence surprised the teachers and some of Skyler’s classmates. Skyler was surprised to see his daddy. His mommy visited him earlier and said there’s a surprise waiting for him after school. She didn’t say that daddy is the one who will surprise him.

‘Who’s that man?’

‘Why is he with Skyler?’

‘Is that Skyler’s daddy?

‘He’s so cool. Skyler’s daddy is so tall.’

Eli walked towards Skyler and kissed his forehead. He quickly took his son’s backpack and held his tiny hand with his.

“Hi, daddy!” Skyler grinned.

“Hello, my little pumpkin. How was your day?” Eli asked as they started to walk away hand in hand. Ririna has informed Aya that Eli will come and pick Skyler after school.

“Good! I drew a picture of you and mommy!”

“May I see it?”

Skyler nodded at took his backpack from his father’s hand and rummage it to find his drawing. After some time he pulled out two sheets of papers and handed it to his father. His grey eyes glowed in anticipation, his cheeks slightly flushed with embarrassment.

Eli looked down at the drawing Skyler made for him and Ririna. On one of the paper, Skyler tried to draw his mommy’s face with a flower in her head. His strokes are uneven and look childish but for a four-year-old child, Eli thinks that his drawing skills are much better than the older kids. He turned into another drawing. Skyler also tried to draw him but failed.

“I’m sorry, daddy. I couldn’t finish it on time,” Skyler told him.

His father chuckled and patted his head. Assuring his son that it was alright and mommy will like his drawing, he led Skyler outside where he parked his car. Eli tucked the drawings into his coat, reminding himself to show it to his wife later.

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