PS I’m (not) Over You: Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Skyler’s Family

When they have finished their dinner, Ririna helped her son to take a bath. She filled the tub partially with warm water and bubbles before setting Skyler inside.

“But mommy, I don’t wanna take a bath. Can I go now with daddy instead.?” Skyler whimpered. He didn’t want to be parted with his daddy at all.

“How about this? After you take a bath, you can go to your daddy. You can ask him to give you your bedtime story tonight.” Ririna replied as she wet his hair, careful with his eyes and then shampooed his hair.

Skyler looks really cute with wet hair sticking on his forehead. Once his hair was rinsed, she wiped him clean with a washcloth.

“Mommy, are you mad?” Skyler asks as his mother, pour a small amount of body wash in the washcloth.


“Because I ask daddy to stay.”

Ririna didn’t reply. She wondered if it’s okay. Here she goes again, starting to doubt and making assumptions. She berated herself. The splash of water on her face brought her from her thoughts. Skyler is giggling at her, a squeaky toy pointed at his mother as he splashed another wave in her face.

“Skyler Han!”

Oops. He is in trouble. Mommy never called him with his full name unless he’s in trouble. He thought she will be angry at him but was surprised when she splashed back on him. They splashed back and forth until Ririna noticed that the water was getting cold.

She helped him up from the tub and dried him off with a clean soft towel. She then helped Skyler put his blue rabbit printed pajamas. As soon as he was ready, Skyler ran from his room toward the guest room and knocked softly on the door. His eyes wide with excitement as he waited for his father to open the door.

When the door opened, Eli who was also ready for bed and just got out from the shower looked down at his son with an amused look. His hair still wet as he dried it with a towel. He let Skyler in, the little boy instantly jumped on his large bed while he waiting for his daddy to finish.

“Daddy, can I sleep with you tonight?” Skyler asked as he lay on his stomach with sheets wrinkled beneath him.

“We didn’t agree about this, Sky,” Ririna appeared on the doorway, her arms crossed on her chest.

“But mommy!”

“No, Sky. We only agreed that you will ask your daddy for a bedtime story,” She glanced at Eli who was silently listening to their argument. Is this a usual thing between his wife and son?

“But I wanna sleep with daddy tonight,” Skyler started to cry.

“Sky- ”

“Daddy?” Eli’s lips tightened at the sight of pitiful look his child shot at him.

“It’s okay, wifey. I don’t mind him sleeping here with me,” Eli deadpanned, his fingers gently caressing her arm and then patted her head like a child.

Wifey? Ririna gawked at his audacity. He’s getting bolder and more forward since they reconciled their relationship. Collecting her thoughts, she pushed him away from her and slapped his arm.

“Your arrogance is unbecoming, you sly devil,”

Eli grinned at her as she walked to the bed to pick up their son who started crying and whining. He kept pushing her arms away from him and hid under the sheets.

“No, mommy! NO!” But his cries changed into laughter. Ririna started a tickle attack on her child. His childish laughter filled the room. Eli moved to the side of the bed and watched as Skyler tried to avoid his mommy.

“Daddy help me from the tickle monster!” Skyler called for help from his father. Eli laughed silently before he was caught off guard when Skyler jumped from the bed and hid behind him.

“What did you say, baby? Mommy is a monster?” Ririna tried to catch Skyler, who squealed and latch on his father’s leg.

“No, mommy! You’re pretty! A pretty tickle monster!” He laughed and ran to the other side of the bed and then yelled at his father, “Daddy! Help!”

Seeing that his son is in despair and needed help, Eli chuckled to himself before pulling Ririna away from Skyler. She screamed his name and hit his back as he brought her away like a caveman. A devil who is acting like a caveman? That’s insane.

“Eli! Put me down!”

She really wanted to curse him but because Skyler can hear them, she could only glare and pinch him on his side. Skyler’s laughter filled the room, making his father’s heart soften. There so many things they have to do to make up the time they have lost.

Eli threw Ririna on the soft bed with a light thud. As soon as her back hit the mattress, her son pounced at her at once. Another tickle fight started between the mother and son. Skyler tickled his mommy’s sides until she rolled on her side and admitted defeat.

“Surrender now, mommy! You can never beat me and daddy.” Skyler laughed.

“Alright, alright. Can we stop now? Mommy already lost.” Ririna yielded. She rewarded him with kisses on his cheeks as he laughed and moved in her embrace.

“Give daddy his prize too!” He said.

Ririna gave Eli a look before she motioned him to come forward. He moved closer to her and cupped her face with both of his hand before giving her a searing kiss.

Skyler was surprised when he saw his daddy kissing his mommy. He blinked and tilted his head on a side.

“Eeewww… Daddy! Don’t eat my mommy’s face” He exclaimed.

When Eli heard what his child said, he released Ririna’s face and looked down at his son. Ririna was dumbfounded when she heard him laugh for the very first time. A devil can laugh? And it was because of their little Sky?

“Can I sleep with you, mommy? Daddy?” Skyler sat up and looked at his parents.

Brown and grey eyes met as they both tried to figure out how to answer their son.

“Well, you can sleep here with your daddy tonight. He already agreed with it,” she replied.

“No, mommy! I wanna sleep with both of you. Please?” Skyler’s eyes blinked to his mother.

Ririna felt another headache is coming as she gently rubs her temples. Did her son and Eli decided and planned on something to corner her? Even Skyler is an active participant in the devil’s scheme!

“Sky, maybe not tonight? Mommy is already tired,” Eli whispered to his son when he sat beside them.

“No, it’s okay,” Ririna sighed. “But only for tonight, you hear?” she said with finality. She could never win against Skyler’s puppy eyes, they will haunt her if she refuses. Another trait he inherited from the devil, becoming persistent when he wants something.

Whether she was talking to him or Skyler, Eli didn’t know. Ririna turned off the lights as he and Skyler slipped under the covers. Skyler moved in the center while his daddy took the left side of the bed. After bringing down the curtain on the window, Ririna removed her robe and lay beside her son wearing a nightgown.

Eli’s eyes flickered up to look at the woman across him, her gaze down on their son as she gracefully ran her fingers through her child’s dark locks. Skyler looked up at his mother with sleepy eyes.


“Enough playtime now, Sky. You need to sleep. No more games.” She told him quietly.
“M-kay, mommy,” Skyler mumbled. She kissed his forehead and adjusted the covers. Skyler turned his head to his father, “Good night, Daddy…. Night mommy,” he yawned and shut his eyes to succumb to sleep.

“Good night, Sky” Eli whispered.

The little boy fell asleep before his parents. The two were left in an awkward situation for a while before Ririna’s eyes closed and followed her child in the dreamland. Staring at his beloved’s sleeping face, Eli brushes his fingers over her hair then her cheeks and sighed. This is a first time for the three of them. A small family that Skyler could only dream of before.

“Thank you, Ririna…” Eli whispered quietly hoping that his son won’t wake from it.

He was surprised as her eyes opened to look back at him, her fingers reaching to touch the back of his hand.

“Don’t make me regret it this time, please?”

Surprised by her sudden request, Eli could only nod in response.

“No one is leaving this time.”

Eli promised her with his eyes looking at his woman with deep adoration. He moved closer to his little family with his arm around them as he slowly drifted into sleep with deep satisfaction in his heart.

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