PS I’m (not) Over You: Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Invasion of the Devil

A soft laughter echoed within the spacious kitchen in Ririna’s manor, as Erica sat on a stool near the counter with a bowl of potato chips. She watched as Ririna started preparing the special dinner for tonight. Ririna is almost on her edge right now, she is nervous about how the father and son will meet up?

Will Skyler be alright meeting his daddy? Will they get along together? Oh, she is pretty distressed about Skyler right now. That damn Evan isn’t answering her calls, at least Ginny was nice enough to inform her that Skyler is with Evan. What’s wrong with that guys? He keeps on dropping her calls.

“So how come you didn’t do this earlier? I always knew that you will never get over him.” Erica asked as she sipped her drink from a soda can and then slipped some chips in her mouth.

“How would I know?” Ririna started “I keep being worried about things I wasn’t sure of. If Rion didn’t talk to me, it wouldn’t make sense anything to me.” She confessed.

“Yeah,” Erica nodded, “I guess you’re right…”

A knock on the front door interrupted their conversation. One of the maids Ririna hired opened it and let Eli and Skyler in.

“Sky, are you okay?” Eli asked when he noticed that the smile on his son’s face faltered.

“I’m okay, Daddy,” Skyler whispered but he gripped his little hand to his father’s.

Eli felt excited to see Ririna as he stepped into her cozy home once again. It seems his wife is busy with the preparation for their dinner. He hopes she won’t get mad that he already met their son without her around.

“M-mommy?” Skyler called. He wasn’t sure if his mommy would get mad at him for seeking after his daddy. “Mommy, I’m home!”

Ririna heard her son’s voice from the living room. She turned her head in the direction of his voice. Why does he sound so nervous?

“Sky? What’s wrong my little prince?”, she called as she moved from the kitchen and walked to his location. Erica followed behind her. “Are you alright, baby? Why…”

Her smile vanished from her face at the sight of her lover standing behind her son. Her eyes widening with surprise while Eli’s face remained impassive at the sight of her. He wouldn’t say it but his wife looked too cute and domesticated with that pink apron and her short hair clipped on one side. She is so cute, he could kiss her right now if it wasn’t for Skyler’s and Erica’s presence.

Eli admired how beautiful his wife is. Her face so beautiful, her skin still smooth and almost flawless but tainted with a pinkish scar on her left shoulder. Her body hasn’t seemed to be affected much by her pregnancy, her chest, and hips have slightly grown after having their child.

“Gamaliel Park! What’s the meaning of this?!”

Her eyes glaring at her lover. They have talked about it last night that she would let him meet Skyler today. What happened? Why is their son with him tonight?

“M-mommy? Please don’t get mad at daddy, please?”

Both of his parents turned their head to their child who was now hiding behind his father’s leg.
His grey eyes looking on the verge of tears.

“Baby? What’s wrong? Please don’t cry.” Ririna asked softly, her eyes looking pained at her son’s reaction. She should stop frightening their little baby. Skyler, for all of these years, is her most beloved person in the world. It will surely break her heart if he started hating her.

“Don’t get mad at daddy, mommy. I don’t want you to get angry with me and daddy.” Skyler sobbed behind his father. Ririna shot Eli a cold glare. Can someone tell her what’s happening?

Eli lifted both of his hand in front of him as if he is surrendering to his woman.

“Not me. In my defense, I saw him in Evan’s office this morning.” He replied to her unspoken question.

“What?” she exclaimed.

Oh, now it makes sense why Evan refuse to receive her phone calls. That traitor!

“Sky…” Ririna knelt on the floor as she softly called her son, her heart aching as she looked at her child. “Come here, baby,” she called.

Skyler hesitated for a moment and looked up at his father who gave him a small smile and nod. He ran towards his mother and sobbed on her shoulder. He really didn’t want to lie; he just wants to meet his daddy.

“Why is my baby crying?” Ririna asked, her hand rubbing her son’s back to help him calm down.

“M-mommy,” Skyler sobbed. “I went with Uncle Evan to his workplace. I thought… I thought I could find out when daddy can come home with us. I-I’m so s-sorry, mommy!”

“You what?” Ririna blinked, she pushes away gently from her child to look at his face. His eyes filled with tears, his cheeks flushed in red. She was surprised by his confession. She had no idea her son was so eager to meet his father.

“I’m sorry, mommy” Skyler whispered to her, his body slightly shaking from her outburst.

“Shh, it’s alright, baby. Please don’t cry. Mommy isn’t mad at you or with daddy. But please, if you want something, can you tell it to mommy, first?” Ririna pleaded with him. He shouldn’t have sought after Eli. What if something wrong happened along the way? She will never forgive herself if she fails to protect him.

“I’m sorry, mommy. I thought that if you still love daddy, and he loves you too, he will come home to us,” Skyler confessed.

“Baby, you don’t have to worry about it,” Ririna said, her eyes softening to her child, “Daddy and I are trying our best to fix our problems.”


“Yes, baby. So please don’t cry. Mommy will be sad if you continue crying.”

After his emotional outburst, Erica left the little family for privacy. All of the toys and clothes that Eli and Skyler have bought earlier have been brought to their child’s room. Ririna frowned when she saw them. Just how did they manage to buy so much toys and clothes in a day? Did they just ransack all the booths at the mall?

Ririna started to serve their dinner at the table as Skyler pulled his father into his own bedroom, telling more stories and showing all his favorite toys to his daddy. Even during dinner, Skyler lead their conversation. Ririna could see how happy Skyler is with his father. She never saw him this talkative and happy.

“Daddy,” Skyler mumbled as he finishes his meal.

“Hm? What is it?

Skyler looked at his mommy and then to his daddy. Mommy said they’re trying to fix everything right?

“Are you gonna stay?” he asked. He’s worried that his daddy will leave them again for a long time. Although his father already promised that he will never leave again, his little heart is still worried that he will.

Eli gave Ririna a glance. She seems to ponder too what should she say to their son.

“Of course, I’ll stay. Can’t leave my little prince anymore, right? But only if your mommy allows me to stay.” Eli said as he brushed off the wild locks on his son’s forehead.

Ririna glared at him. Her eyes full of accusation. She just explained to their son that they’re trying. Why would Eli try to invade her place too? Wouldn’t it be much better if they could come up with a better term than cohabiting in her own house?

This man is so shameless!

He is now using his own son to take advantage against her. What could he possibly be planning this time? It’s pretty obvious that the devil wants to invade her life and home, staking a claim to her and their child.

“Mommy?” And there goes the tag team between the father and son. How is she supposed to win against these two?

“Alright,” she conceded, “You could stay in the guest room,” she told Eli. Eli smirked and then took his phone from his coat, then send a quick message to Jonathan to prepare a luggage and his clothes. Ririna shook her head. It has been his plan all along.

After sending his message, Eli continued listened to Skyler’s babbling and chattering. His shoulders slightly sagged as he sighed deeply. He realized having his wife and their child with him fills him with satisfaction and happiness. This time he would never let go the two of them.

His eyes looking around the place and landed on a set of picture frames above the small bookshelf in the dining room. The first photo is Skyler when he was a newborn baby. The second one is also him, about one-year-old trying to take his baby steps. The last one is his current age, with Ririna happily embracing him from behind. He wondered when could they add their first family picture to the set.

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