PS I’m (not) Over You: Chapter 32

Chapter 32: A Day with Daddy

Ririna signed the new contracts that Rion passed on to her new secretary earlier. She gave him a suspicious glance as she watched him talk to Erica. She noticed how uncomfortable Rion is whenever her new secretary is around. She wondered why this unnerving man suddenly felt so conscious about the young woman. Did something happen between the two?

Since the time when she was stalked, Eli has asked her to make Erica focus on her security team and pass her secretarial obligation to someone else. But with the limited time she had, she didn’t have enough time to find a new secretary. It was really a surprise that lady luck is in her side, Ginny’s younger sister just came into the picture.

Sara just came back home from her long journey. She’s been working as an accountant for their family business for years. Ginny’s wedding is in three days and she will need to attend it as one of the bridesmaids. Ririna knew something is off with Rion, her eyes sharpened at the thought. She will eventually find it out sooner or later.

“Master, I have rescheduled all your appointments for today,”

Jonathan felt different at the moment. His master looked like a normal father like everyone else. Who would have thought the devil will concede and fall to a toddler’s charm? No one will ever doubt that this child is the master’s son. A thought suddenly crossed his mind. Can the devil and the witch be able to have a normal and happy family in this dangerous world?

The child deserves a happy and loving family. Skyler’s personality is filled with innocence and hope. His eyes sparkled with joy as he clung to his father and told him stories about his school experience.

Eli turned his sight to his assistant as Skyler is sat on his lap and continued his drawing in his father’s private office.

“Thank you,” He replied, his eyes turning back to the little boy, his grey eyes softening as he watched the kid bend over the sheets of white paper and draw several shapes with a big crayon in his hand. His little hands gently held and slid the crayon on the paper, trying to make a neat shape just like what his mother taught him. He felt his lips curling at the sight of his child.

“Look, daddy! This is what Teacher Aya taught us in school but mommy’s drawing is so good.” Skyler said with a timid smile while he lifted up the canvass where he drew his masterpiece.

“You’re doing great, Sky. I’m sure your mommy is proud of you.” He replied.

Skyler frowned. Eli wondered what made him look sad?

“Really, daddy? But mommy recently got mad at me.” Skyler put down his crayon and paper on the desk and turned to face his father.

“Skyler is a bad boy. I fought with other kids at school.” He explained.

Eli was surprised. His little Skyler got in a kids fight at the age of four? He didn’t think he could make troubles as he finds his son simply calm and happy. Skyler is also a smart and nice kid.

“Why? Did someone bully you?” He asked. Skyler’s frown deepened.

“They keep on saying bad things about you and mommy. They keep on saying I don’t have a daddy. I told them I have you, Daddy but they wouldn’t listen to me.” The little boy sighed and looked up to his father. Daddy seems to be thinking something.

He will talk about this with Ririna. If the children within that pre-school thought they could bully his child, they are wrong. No child of his will suffer humiliation by bullying. If he wants, he could practically ask someone to shut down that establishment if it wouldn’t cooperate with him.

“Do you want to change school?” he asked.

“No! I like Teacher Aya and Jiro, I also like the twins, but can Daddy help me on our school activity?” His big grey eyes looked like a puppy begging for attention.

“Whatever does my little Skyler want from his daddy” Eli chuckled. Why is it that he couldn’t say no to his wife and child? The devil has fallen.

“Ohh, Daddy!!” Skyler squealed “Father’s day is coming. Teacher Aya asked us to bring our daddy and say something about them in class!”

Finally, he met his daddy. No one will bully him again. He can tell everyone that his daddy is back and will be staying with them from now on. Skyler then realized that he hasn’t informed his mommy yet. He will tell her later once they go home.


“Really?” Skyler excitedly pulled his father’s arm.

“Yes, really. Now, can you also help me with something?” Eli asked.

Skyler’s eyes blinked, his mouth forming an o form.

“What is it, daddy?”

“Can you help daddy choose a wedding ring for mommy?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” He yelled. He is so happy that his dreams finally come true.

Skyler jumped from his father’s lap and stood on his feet. He pulled his father’s hand, who is currently amused by his son’s excitement. He shook his head and sighed. Skyler is just like his mother when he’s excited.


It was only late morning, Eli decided to take Skyler with him as they passed and checked different jewelry stores in the nearest mall to find the perfect ring for Ririna. They ended up buying a lot of clothes and toys for Skyler instead.

They also had their lunch together for the first time. Their original plan to find the ring failed. Skyler keeps seeing interesting new toys which his daddy oblige to buy. He lost count on how many time he swiped his black card today but it doesn’t matter.

After what felt like an eternity, they left the mall and Eli drove towards Ririna’s place. It took them half an hour to arrive. When Eli turned his head on the passenger seat and called his son’s name, he was surprised to see him sleeping curled on his seat. Eli sighed, he knows that Skyler must have become too tired of all those shopping and activities they did earlier. He is still a child who needs to take a nap once in a while.

Looking outside his car, he could see the sun is already setting. Have they spent most of the day with each other? This day was so surprising. Never did the thought pass through both father and son that they will meet today. Skyler must have been exhausted thinking about him lately. Eli felt a bit guilty for not knowing about his son sooner. They have wasted so much time without each other.

Slipping out from the driver’s seat, he walked around to the passenger seat and opened its door. Eli’s arms gently slipped under his son’s body trying not to wake him up. Skyler’s small head rested on his shoulder, an arm supporting his back, the other one under his knees to prop him up. His son started to stir in his arms as they started to walk on the driveway.

“D-daddy?” Skyler sleepily said.

“Hello. Did you sleep well?” Eli was thankful that Skyler seemed happy and has enjoyed spending the whole day with him. He just hopes that Ririna will not bite him to death for taking their son with him.

“m-kay,” Skyler replied. He buried his face to his father’s chest before whispering, “I love you, Daddy,”

Eli was stunned, his steps halted as he looked down to his child. Skyler accepted him without a question. Isn’t he worried that he will leave him and his mother again? Did Skyler trust him that much already?

“As I, you, Sky. Daddy will never leave you again. That’s a promise,” He said softly to the child in his arms, his hand trying to straighten Skyler’s wild locks.

“Thank you, Daddy,” Skyler hummed softly as he rested his head back to his father’s wide shoulder. “I’m so happy that you’re my daddy,”

“Why is that?” Eli asked, his feet taking small steps again. The child in his arms giggled at his question.

“Because you’re nice and kind, Daddy,” Skyler replied. “And I know you really love my mommy.” He added.

“What makes you think of that?”

“I saw you and mommy when you dropped her at home. You kissed her! That’s how mommy kisses me and tells me she loves me. Did you tell mommy you love her too?” Skyler asked.

Eli only grinned in reply. He hasn’t really told her yet that he loves her. He just wishes she knows it by now. Silently, he lowered his son to the ground, adjusting his feet on it. He extended his hand to Skyler, his long fingers wrapping to his small hands. Skyler gave him another radiant smile as they walked hand in hand towards the front door of the manor.

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