PS I’m (not) Over You: Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Devil’s Spawn

Hearing Skyler calling him daddy sent shivers throughout his body. He had no experience to be called so affectionately. This child is just like his mother, instilling feelings that he never knew he is capable of. It wasn’t repulsive, instead, he felt satisfaction and happiness when he saw his own son.

Is there a need to do a paternity test? Eli felt like that he was looking at a younger version of him. Skyler’s hair, eyes, skin tone and even the shape of his face are his. The only difference he could see is Skyler’s bright smile that he surely got from his mother.

Skyler squealed and jumped down from his seat and run towards his father. He clung to his father’s right leg, tugged on his pants and looked up with a happy face.

“Daddy! Daddy, are you done with your work? Are you going to go home soon? Have you told mommy you’re going home?” Skyler’s question bombarded his father leaving him speechless. He could only stare at his child.

Eli never had any experience with children except for Ririna. He met his wife when she was still an eight years old kid, but their child is only four at this moment. How is he supposed to interact with him?

When his daddy didn’t reply to his questions, Skyler’s face fell. Does daddy not want to see him?

He sought Uncle Evan only to try to find out when his daddy would be coming home. He didn’t expect that he will be able to meet him so soon when he decided to accompany his uncle to his workplace because uncle promised he will meet his grandpa too.

Skyler fidgets his fingers, his eyes showing confusion and worry, his feet shuffling.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered to his father.

“This is the first time I’m seeing my daddy. I… My name is Skyler Han, I’m four years old” he mumbled and his fingers lifted up to emphasize his age. “and my mommy’s name is Ririna. You know her? She’s pretty.” His head tilting to one side, his big grey eyes showing innocence and worry.

Eli blinked at his son’s question. Of course, he knows his wife.

“Yes. Does your mommy know you’re here?” His rich deep voice startled his child. He bent forward and picked up his son, his hands slipping in his underarms. Skyler was surprised when his daddy picked him up. He coiled his short arms to his daddy’s neck as he stares in his face. His daddy looks so handsome.

“No, please don’t tell mommy!” The little boy was taken aback by his question.

“Are… are you… m-my d-daddy?” the little boy stammered.

“Yeah,” Eli confirmed but he didn’t know what else he could say to his child. He’s still in shock to see him earlier than expected. When Ririna offered that they set a dinner tonight so they would meet, he thought he had enough time to compose himself and tried to think what explanation he would give to his son if Sky asked him questions.

Skyler started to cry. His little heart is filled with so much happiness that he finally met his daddy. Those bullies will surely stop teasing him if they see his daddy. Surprised by the sudden outburst, Eli looked down at the child in his arms.

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

“S-Skyler is happy…” he sniffed “Very happy to see my d-daddy. I’m sorry I-I didn’t mean to disturb you. I just wanted to meet you even for just once.”

“Shh, that’s alright. Daddy is here. You don’t have to cry. Daddy isn’t going anywhere,” His fingers wiping the tears from his chubby cheeks.

Eli’s eyes softened, his voice firm and soft as he tried to calm his son. He shuffled Skyler’s hair and smiled. He is also happy to see him. Such a beautiful and smart kid that Ririna gave him. She has taken care of their child so well.

“What are you doing here?” he finally managed to ask. Where is that useless half-brother of his leaving a child alone unattended? What if he was someone with bad motives harmed the child? He will give a piece of his mind and beat his half-brother to death later.

“Hey, Sky… ”

Speaking of…

No. He is the devil.

The door suddenly opened. Both father and son turned their head to the voice. Evan barged into his office without knocking. His eyes widened and jaw dropped when he saw Eli cradling little Sky in his arms. His face instantly paled in realization, Eli discovered Sky because of him. He’s sure he will never hear the end of it from his fiancée.

“Hey, bro…”

“Don’t hey me, little brother…” Eli’s voice is laced with sarcasm. If Skyler wasn’t with them, he could’ve beaten his younger brother for hiding Skyler from him.

“Look, I’m sorry. I only found out uhmm… last month. I brought him here so Dad could meet him.” Evan scratched his head. He wondered if he should give a call to Louie and ask him to pick up his headstone for he isn’t sure if he will survive Eli’s wrath this time. The devil had managed to break his arm the last time, he cringes as he thought the worst that will happen to him.

“Last month? You’ve known him for a month and you didn’t tell me?” Eli looked furious. He never thought Evan will get back at him this time using his own nephew. They’re still family and yet he chose to keep Skyler’s identity from him? “Is there anyone else who knows about it?” he added.

Skyler looks at his daddy with confusion. Why is he arguing with Uncle Evan? Did he do something wrong?

“Daddy, am I in trouble?” Skyler’s voice turned his attention to the child. Eli sighed. He will deal with his brother later.

“No, Sky but we better go. Your mommy must be worried about you,”

“But mommy didn’t know I will meet you. Mommy will get mad if she knows. I asked uncle to bring me here so I could meet you…” Skyler mumbled. Well, he really did defy his mother’s wishes not to seek his daddy for his own good but he couldn’t help but try because he already made a deal with his classmates that he will bring his daddy on Father’s day. Mommy told him not to lie but he really wanted to meet daddy regardless.

“What did you say, Sky?” Evan’s face visibly paled. His own nephew tricked him just so he could have an opportunity to meet his father?

“I’m sorry, Uncle,” Sky tried to hide his face in his father’s shoulder. “I didn’t mean to trick you,”

This child is so unbelievable.This child is really a spawn of the devil and the witch. He has tricked him, betrayed him, and used him to his advantage. If there are any doubts about Skyler being Eli’s son, he will say they are gone now. Looking at the father and son tandem, he shook his head. He could only watch as they slipped out from his office.

Eli brought his son with him into his own office. He made him sit at his desk while he rummaged his drawers before taking a pack of clean wipes. He took a piece of sheet and dabbed it to Skyler’s wet face.

“Your Mommy will get worried if you come home with bloodshot eyes. You know mommy doesn’t want you to be sad, right?

Skyler nodded his head and smiled at his father. Eli pulled back to sit in his own chair. His eyes looking at his son with great interest. Skyler’s personality is almost the same as his mother’s.

His hair might be the same as his but its thickness and wildness came from Ririna.
When she was a child, she had a hard time managing her own hair so she always cut it past her shoulders. She only allowed it to grow longer when she reached her teenage years.
His child’s smile is also bright and radiant, reaching his eyes that shows how genuine it is.

“You are just like your mother,” he told Skyler.

Skyler tilted his head to one side, another trait he got from Ririna.

“But Uncle and Mommy said I look a lot like you,” Skyler bashfully replied. His eyes looking down in his hands, a slight blush appearing on his cheeks, making his father smile.

“Yeah, but you’re half of me and half of your mommy,”

“You don’t have another baby, right, Daddy?” Skyler asked.

Eli stared at his child. Why would he even think about it? Just what did Evan say to his son?

“No, you’re the only one. Your mommy is also my only one.” He replied.

“But my classmates say Mommy isn’t married to you. They said mommy will marry someone else. Daddy, mommy has mean suitors”

“Oh?” Eli’s brows raised on his son’s remarks.

“Yes! Are you and mommy going to get married soon? When are you going home with us?”

Eli chuckled at Skyler. Even his son is eager to see them get married. It isn’t really a bad idea. He wouldn’t want anyone to call Skyler a bastard. Maybe he should ask Skyler’s help on picking up a ring for his mother.

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