PS I’m (not) Over You: Chapter 29

Chapter 29: This Time Will Be Different

After Eli received Jonathan’s report, he asked him to find all possible details about Skyler Han. He specifically allowed them to use any means they have to do to uncover all the hidden information. He closed his eyes and wondered why did Ririna hide this from him?
Was she too afraid that he will not accept their child?

There’s no denying that the four-year-old child could be his. As far as he knows, she never got another lover after him. Ririna isn’t someone who could easily be pursued. His mind was full of thoughts about them. What if the child is really his? Will he be able to accept the child?

Eli knew that Ririna has been a good mother to her child for the past years. She had spent a lot of money to hide his details and has raised their child alone. In his mind, he knew that the child is his. The only thing he needed assurance of is Ririna’s words and possibly a paternity test if ever she denied his parentage.

Although he wants to marry her and have their own family soon, he had never thought that they were able to conceive a child when they were still together. Thinking about it, he never used protection the last time they had sex. There’s a high probability that Ririna knew she was pregnant and that’s her main reason why she left.

If she was really pregnant with his child and decided to leave the country to save it, Eli thought it would be the best for her and their unborn child. He has so much regret after realizing that he abandoned her somehow. He shouldn’t have let her suffer alone for all those years. He was filled with remorse and disappointment with himself.

Calling her for the last time that night, he informed her that he’s going home soon. He isn’t sure but somehow he can sense that Ririna’s temperament with him in every call was different from the last time they were together. she became more understanding lately, not getting easily irritated with his questions and flirting.

That night, he called her just to hear her voice to help himself calm down. Ririna can always improve his mood ever since she was a child. Her smile is infectious. She could always make things better for him without knowing. He hasn’t noticed that ever since he has saved her from the orphanage, everything she does is always for him.

Did she intentionally leave him because she will be his weakness? Didn’t she trust him enough to know that he would protect her from everything?

They need to settle everything and talk about their child very soon.

Ririna just got home alone when she noticed a car coming in the driveway and parking on the provided space on the left. She just got out from her car and stood in front of the main door. She instantly knew who it was. It seems that the security of Peach Blossom Gardens gave him a pass for him to be able to visit her anytime he wanted. He silently got out from his car and walked towards her.

Evan and Ginny’s wedding will be held in three days, and Skyler with Jiro requested to stay with their Uncle Evan tonight to play some video games and bond with him. Ririna couldn’t understand her son’s sudden interest in his uncle. Is he really looking for some father figure in his life? Something that she could never provide.

Looking up at the man beside her, she gave him a small smile before unlocking the door, letting him inside. He looked around before she helped him remove his coat and placing it on the coat rack beside the door. Eli gave her a side glance, as he was surprised by her action. She looks like a wife welcoming her husband from his long trip. He felt like he is getting home to his family for the first time.

“What happened to your right leg?” Ririna asked.

“How do you know I have an injury?” Eli asked as he sat down on the couch in the living room area. He noticed some kids toys neatly stored in a box near him. He wondered where’s the child. The reason he came tonight was to meet the child and talk with Ririna.

“You’ve been leaning more to your left leg when you are walking.” She replied before taking a first aid kit from one of the drawers in the kitchen, leaving him alone on the couch.

Jonathan has already confirmed to him that morning that Skyler Han is indeed his own son. He was born just five months after Ririna left. There’s no one else possible to father her child except him if they follow the correct timeline. She was probably around two to three months pregnant when she left the country.

She was too young when he got her pregnant. He wondered how she was able to survive alone and take care of their child. He still blames himself for being dumb and selfish during those times. He should have broken his engagement with Karissa and took Ririna somewhere safe for them to be able to raise their son. He knows Ririna is trying to give Skyler a better childhood compared to what the two of them had.

He wouldn’t let Skyler suffer the same fate he had with his father. He will never abandon Ririna for another woman.

Eli was about to ask where Skyler is when Rion came down the stairs greeting Ririna, who just got out from the kitchen. He had a huge luggage in his hand and his laptop bag slinging over his shoulder. When he saw Eli was with her, he offered him a casual greeting and shook his hand.

“Mr. Park. It’s nice to see you again.”

“Same here, Mr. Stahl”

Eli couldn’t believe that he was only out for ten days and someone has already invaded in his wife’s home.

“Have you taken everything you needed?” Ririna asked. Rion recently purchased a condominium within the city. It is almost thirty minutes away from their office but at least his place is very accessible.

“I’ll be back. I’ll just send Rion off. He just got his own place today.” Ririna told Eli and quickly followed Rion outside.

Rion took his luggage and his bag at the backseat of his car before turning back his attention to Ririna.

“Don’t forget what we have talked about, Ririna. Stop assuming and let him talk,” His finger pointing at her as if he was scolding a kid.

“I hear you. Oh wise old wizard,” she teased while Rion glared back at her.

“Stop messing around and talk. I don’t care if the two of you plan to have Skyler # 2 or little Ririna after this but you better not mess this up. For once, think about Skyler’s happiness and not your baseless doubts.”

Ririna smacked his shoulder and pushed him towards his car.

“Just go before I change my mind and kill you instead,” she warned. Her brown eyes darkened at his statement.

When Rion’s car left her manor, she turned herself and walk back on the driveway. She saw Eli waiting for her in the front door. His body leaning on the doorway while staring at her. When she reached him, he straightened his body and turn his back to her. They have a lot of things they have to discuss.

He was about to walk inside when Ririna’s arms coiled around his waist, not letting him go. He felt her face pressed against his back. Eli’s body stiffened from the sudden contact.

Her body was shaking and he didn’t know why she suddenly started crying. Why is she crying? She looked okay earlier. What made his wife sad?

“Ririna?” Eli called out. He could feel her tears staining his dress shirt on his back. He tried to face her but she wouldn’t even allow him to move.

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry,” she replied. Her voice sounded broken and muffled on his back.

Was she sorry because she hid Skyler from him? He really wanted her to tell him herself about Skyler. It’s true that he is also mad and upset because she didn’t trust him enough and just left. But then he realized that she had chosen the right decision for her and Skyler

Eli lowered his head and closed his eyes. He held one of her hands and entwined it with his.

“Did you really seek after me after two years since my departure?” She has to know. She needs to know that he cares.

“Yes,” he confirmed.

“I should be the one saying sorry to you,” he said. “I have failed you,” he added.

Ririna shook her head behind him.

“It was my own fault. If only I was brave enough to confess to you, we wouldn’t be in this situation. If only I was brave enough to tell you I love you.”

Eli’s eyes suddenly widened. His mouth opened trying to say something but failed. He could feel the warmth creeping within him. He was deeply pleased that she was opening up to him.

“Do you still love me? Do you believe in me this time?” he asked.

He could feel Ririna nodding behind him. He really wished he could see her face right now but if she wanted to hold him like this he could only comply to her wishes.

“I feel safest when I’m with you. I do love you..”
Her confession is almost a whisper. How many times did she want to tell him before how she really feels about him? When Rion’s words beat the hell out of her, she realized how selfish and unfair she was.

“As I, you” His response make Ririna still.”I always have and I always will,”

She cried and cried. Her feelings right now are overwhelming her. Ririna knows that love is still a strange word and feeling for the devil but as he confessed that he returned her feelings, she knows their love story this time would be different.

She will tell about Skyler to him. She just hopes that he would understand why she left, why she hid their son. Eli held her hand tighter, a smile appeared on his lips. The witch finally conceded to the devil and this time he would never let her go.

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