PS I’m (not) Over You: Chapter 26

Chapter 26: The Ice Prince

Ririna didn’t know how long has she been standing in the same place. Why did he show up so suddenly? She didn’t believe in coincidence. She believes that everything that had or may happen has their own valid reasons.

Why would he show up just when someone was following her? Looking at the direction where the man took off earlier, she couldn’t find him anywhere as if he has already vanished into thin air.

“Ririna,” she heard Eli’s voice again from her phone. It brought her back into reality. She even noticed that Jerry and Erica approaching her, giving her a confused and concerned look.

“Yes?” Ririna replied.

“You spaced out? What happened?”

Ririna sighed and pinch the skin between her brows. A habit she unconsciously got from the devil himself when he’s unamused and irritated by what’s happening.

“Remember the man I told you who left me in the orphanage? We’ve been trying to find him for years and he has just shown up right in front of me, here in Pavilion Hotel.” She explained. She almost blurted out the information she got about ‘Hattori Ikeda’ but decided not to since her problem isn’t something Eli should worry about. She would rather deal with it herself.

“Do you want me to send someone to check on him?”

“No. He hasn’t done anything wrong yet. I’m sure this wouldn’t be the last time we will see each other.”

But Ririna has this bad feeling after the encounter. She got this weird feeling that something bad will happen soon. Maybe she needs some help but would she really ask the devil even if they have a common enemy. The enemy of your enemy could be your good ally, right?

It wasn’t the same case with the devil though. His assistance came with a price. What else could it be aside from her being his bride? She scoffed. No thank, she isn’t ready to sell her soul to the devil. Who would want to be a bride of the possessive devil anyway?

Rion Stahl wondered why is he suffering right now. Why is he sitting in the economy class of this flight? Why did his eyes bleed from what he has seen earlier? His head felt like it was splitting in half. It is worse than having a hangover he got from his excessive drinking before. It was all that woman’s fault.

Because she claimed she was too busy to attend and supervise the upcoming exhibit they are to part take in, he had to schedule the earliest flight as soon as possible. He is her curator and business partner. Most of the deals and contracts regarding her artworks will have to pass through him before she signs up.

He is supposed to help her to make everything on the right track. But no, his stupid secretary messed up and he ended up taking a seat on the economy class than having a seat in the business class which he usually takes whenever he travels.

He mentally created a kill list. Of course in the top spot, he listed Ririna Han. That wicked witch is the primary reason why he is suffering and being tortured right now. Number two would be his stupid, very stupid assistant, if it wasn’t for him he will never be in seated here and being mentally tortured by the woman beside him.

When Rion arrived in the economy class, he was instantly welcomed with a problem. It seems that there was a mistake and someone was also claiming he also got the same seat number as his. If looks could kill, he probably killed the rude man who keeps blabbering insults against him and the stewardess. The stewardess tried her best to fix the problem and because the other seat beside the one they are fighting for belongs to the pregnant wife of the rude man, he was forced to move to the next available seat.

Rion is known as a man with impeccable looks but not in attitude. He is anti-social and refuses to join any unnecessary events or conversation. He is also known as the Ice Prince. In truth, he could be vulgar and uncouth if he wants to. He is also inwardly seething at the mass of idiots that keep on flocking around him.

Walking down the aisle trying to find his new designated seat, he noticed a young woman near the window. She is wearing a very bright blue headphones that irritates his eyes and staring somewhere outside.

Looking down to his seat number written on a piece of paper, he realized that the available seat beside her is his. Rion seated himself silently beside her. The seats within the economy class made him feel out of place. A small mole above his left cheekbone adds charm to his handsome face. His tall figure and long sleek hair that reaches up to his waist, which is tied in a low ponytail made him pop up from the crowd.

“Sorry to disturb you. I’m taking this seat,” he politely said.

The woman gave him a glance and smiled at him before turning her head outside with her chin resting on her left hand. He isn’t someone who usually give a second glance to a woman, but Rion thought she is beautiful. Her face is like a doll, with big doe eyes and thick eyelashes, a cute nose, and slightly pouty lips. She looks a bit childish and immature though. Maybe she is the same age as Ririna, or maybe younger.

Their flight would take four to five hours to reach their destination and Rion estimated it would be around past midnight when they arrived. He turned on his laptop and started checking the proposals and reports that needs his immediate attention. It would be better to come prepared just in case something comes up.

His seatmate fell asleep beside him as soon as the plane took off. It wasn’t until the second hour passed when he noticed her as she leaned her head in his left arm. She was fast asleep, murmuring something about “yummy barbecue and ice cold beer”.

Rion got the urge to push her away from him. This is why he hates going into public places. Many women keep on throwing themselves in front of him, trying to get his attention. He never had a woman in his life.

It’s funny that even Ririna thought he is gay which he isn’t. It just that he never met a woman who could keep his interest for long. In the thirty years of his life, he never got close to other women except for his younger sister and Ririna. Ririna was the only one who has managed to understand him and beat him with her smartass remarks.

But this woman is really asleep and dreaming. It would be very rude if he harshly pushes her away just because she accidentally leaned on him. She looks so silly when she sleeps. Rion gently pushed her head back on her seat. She stirred from her position and yawned. Her short arms tried to stretch on the cramped area but failed. She groaned when she felt her neck and back stiffened from her long nap.

Her eyes fluttered open slightly trying to adjust her sight to her surroundings. She noticed that he was staring at her awkwardly. Well, she doesn’t look much modest and proper the way she sat in her seat. Her face flushed with embarrassment and quickly straightened up her body and moved away from the handsome man beside her.

With two more hours to spend, she took a comic book from her handbag and silently read on her side. Rion thought he had enough work done so he shut down his laptop and tried to take a quick nap. His nap was disturbed when he heard a giggling sound from the woman beside him. Taking a side glance, he felt his eyes will pop out from their sockets when he saw what she was giggling about.

She was reading a rather obscene porn comic book! What’s more, it is about two young men kissing and having s*x on the pages she was reading on. He regretted turning his attention to this woman. He shouldn’t have let his curiosity win over him! Now not only his eyes were devirginized by what he had seen, he also felt he will die soon due to a massive brain hemorrhage.

‘F*cking Hell!!!’ Rion mentally screamed.

He slapped his forehead in frustration. Rion felt his brain is trying to shut down on its own. His neurons must be self-destructing right now. He shouldn’t have look at her!

Ririna will probably make fun of him if she knows about this. That witch enjoys tormenting him to no end. If she asked him if he is gay, he could finally say with a straight face that he is not. He might be asexual but he is also sure he isn’t gay!

Are those kind of pornographic materials allowed to be read on public transportations and places? This woman got some guts to read something like that in public. He stopped in his thought and covered his face with his hands.


Stop right there.

Wait, is she even a woman?

What if she’s a trap?

A man instead?

Taking another brave look at the woman… man… whatever what she is, he could tell she got a pretty face. She got soft feminine facial features, her dark hair which passed down her shoulders looks silky smooth. His gaze drifted lower. She’s rather flat chested. She’s flat like a washboard. This sent alarming bells on his mind.

‘Don’t look down!’ His logical side screaming at him.

He tried not to look lower. He didn’t know what to think of if he saw a bulge in her lower part where it is covered with knee length skirt. He felt a constriction in his chest. Why is he even bothered if she is a trap or not? It’s not his f*cking business. But his traitorous eyes moved lower. He didn’t see any bulge in her crotch and he didn’t know why he sighed in relief.

Wait, what if she already managed to cut them off?

Is there an idiot guidebook somewhere to know how to spot a trap?

Rion felt he’s going mad and crazy soon because of this woman. He cursed Ririna for putting him in this predicament. If he died because of this, he swore he will haunt the wicked witch until the end of time to avenge his poor soul.

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