PS I’m (not) Over You: Chapter 21

Chapter 21: His Mother

The villa of his mother is well hidden on this side of the mountain. He wondered how could she live in an almost desolate area. Wasn’t she getting bored by just living alone with only a few servants to accompany her? How long has it been since he last visited his mother? Ten years?

Was it really that long already?

The location was a bit remote. One can easily get lost if they didn’t know how to check the surroundings, traps and false trails. Compared to the New Global City where he resides, the Northern Provinces is known for its harsh cold weather.

Almost year round, the area is covered with thick snow. There are only a few times when they are blessed with a good sunshine and it was considered very rare. It was still a habitable place despite its weather condition.

It’s already six in the morning but still very dark outside. The trail that they were following was a bit too hard to see.

The car followed an unusual trail, leading them in a secret underground tunnel. The tunnel itself is dark and dreary but big enough to accommodate a size of a bus. Only the headlights allowed them to see what is on their way. After driving for ten minutes, they reached the end of the tunnel.

The tunnel ended with a huge parking space. About twenty luxury cars and five service vans are currently parked in the area. His mother surely loves to show off. After being divorced from his father for more than twenty-five years, she’s still able to afford to live in luxury.

His mother came from a wealthy family too. The only difference from his father’s side was her family holds a huge influence in the country in terms of the nation’s financial and political affairs. While the Park Family serves as the underground mercenary for the Presidential family, the Song family is almost comparable to the aristocratic family of the western countries.

Slipping out from the car, Eli adjusted his thick coat. The cold is seeping in even to this concealed passage. He was followed by Jonathan and was welcomed by some of his mother’s servants. Jonathan has served him for as long as he could remember. The old man has dedicated his whole life to serve and take care of his affairs. He was already at his service when his parents are still married.

At his age of five, both of his parents decided to separate after his mother found out about his father’s extramarital affairs with a commoner woman.

It was a huge scandal back then. His father lowering himself for a commoner, divorcing his wife just to be with his pregnant mistress. His young mind couldn’t understand why. Even though he knows their union was because of an arranged marriage, his mother was faithful and very supportive of his father. In his mind, the two of them were perfect for each other.

When Evan was born the following year, he realized that he wasn’t born because of love. He was born because his father needed an heir to pass his skills and family business. Growing up, he wasn’t treated like a normal child. Unloved, unwanted, both of his parents refused to take care of him. His father doting after his new wife and newborn son. His mother was so broken from divorce and fled to the Northern Province, her birthplace.

He grew up with only Jonathan to look after him. It is because of this that the idea of having a child disgusts him. Why would a couple make a child if they wouldn’t even want it?

His mind made up during his childhood years. He would never follow his father’s steps. Not to be brought down to his knees by a woman. That woman is his downfall. Eli decided to pursue his own path, surpass his father in everything and proves that he is the only one worthy enough to inherit the family’s business and not his bastard of a brother.

At the age of thirty-four, he knows he needed to settle down soon and have a child. Only if Ririna accepts his marriage proposal, he wouldn’t have to worry about it but he often questions himself; is he ready enough to be a father?

Of course, any child Ririna will bear for him will be precious. She’s perfect in his eyes, their child would be perfect too. He is confident that she will be a good mother for their child.

When she was sleeping beside him the other night, his fingers gently touched her small waist and traced her flat stomach. He wondered what she would look like if she was round with his child?

But with their current situation, it wouldn’t be so ideal for them to have and raise a child. With the threats and dangers lurking around Ririna and his enemies seeking after him, he should eliminate them first before they could settle down. Of course, he also needs to continue pursuing her to make her change her mind and accept him in her life.

Following his mother’s guards, they were lead to the living room. He found his mother half lying on a short couch, a book in her right hand and a cup of tea in the left. When she heard footsteps coming from the doorway, her hazel eyes lifted up from the book she was reading.

She was expecting her son to give her a visit today.

Eli removed his coat and passed it to Jonathan, then sat in the opposite chair. He crossed his legs, his posture straight as he receives a stack of reports from his mother’s butler. It was the current reports of what is happening in the Northern Provinces.

“I see that you finally decide to pay a visit to your mother after all these years,” Yuna Song told him sarcastically.

In spite of her age, Yuna Song has practically looked like an older sister to her only child. She has managed to keep her younger looks compared to other older women at her age. A great advantage when you got a lot of money to spend off. She is also tall and has a nice slender body comparable to the models in some high-end magazines.

While her hazel eyes and semi-wild straight hair that curls naturally on their ends are different to his, some of her facial features have some resemblance to her son. Her sharp eyes, straight nose and the shape of her face are the same with him. Even her pale complexion was passed to her child.

Traits that the two of them didn’t know has also been passed to Eli’s unknown son.

If someone sees the two of them at the same time, they would probably assume that they are siblings and not a mother and son tandem.

“I’m only here because you requested it,” Eli replied. He didn’t even see the smirk on his mother’s face when she lifted herself and sat properly on the couch. Her long silky dress covers her long legs from the coldness in the room. Although the heater works perfectly, it wasn’t enough to dispel the coldness from outside.

His mother stifled a laugh. Although they haven’t seen each other for years, she always knew how her son’s mind works. They aren’t close but they are civil to each other. For so many years she has failed to become a mother to him. There’s a regret deeply etched in her heart since she left him at his father’s home.

She knew how hard it was for him seeing his father living with his new family. He felt like an outcast, forced to move in a different mansion in the western part of the New Global City. Many times Yuna tried to convince her son to go with her to the Northern Provinces but he refused. He refused to give up on the only thing he could have.

His honor and pride as the firstborn son of the Park Family wouldn’t allow a bastard to take what is rightfully his. Since then he trained hard every day, he only sought his mother for assistance if it ‘s needed. For Yuna, she could see this as a way for Eli to take his father’s approval.

“I heard that you’ve broken your engagement to that Wang woman. Took you so long to discard her,” she said.

Sighing, Eli put down the reports and looked at his mother who was busy preparing another cup of tea for him.

“She’s not worthy of my time,”

His mother nodded in agreement. She actually didn’t like that Wang woman to become her daughter-in-law. A cheap woman like her isn’t suitable for her son. Her affairs with married men are known to some members of her circle. Who would want a homewrecker woman to be someone’s daughter-in-law? She will only bring shame to her son’s name and reputation.

Then she remembered that young woman her son fancied for years. It was a surprise for her to see her own son half in love, half insane when that woman left his side.

“Oh? What about that little rabbit of yours? I heard she came back recently,” she asked. Her hazel eyes full of interest to the woman who made her son crumble on her feet.

“We’re dating,”

She wasn’t sure if he’s telling the truth but if he said they were dating he was probably pushing his luck to get back with that woman.

“Oh? Good, that’s good. Don’t take it for too long. This old one is really looking forward to see her grandchildren.”

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