PS I’m (not) Over You: Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Exclusively Dating?

Of course, as he expected from her, she didn’t give him a direct answer. As if she could stop him from pursuing after her.

When she came out that morning from her shower, he was deeply satisfied and content to smell his own scent on her body. His shampoo and body wash clearly got rid of her sweaty and alcoholic smell from last night.

Dressed in her short black dress from the night before, she grudgingly dragged herself on a nearby chair and put on her shoes on her small feet. It was still raining hard on the outside, as his windows are clearly blurred up with the raindrops and cold air.

Eli watched her from the corner of his eye as he talked on the phone with his assistant, letting him know his agenda for today before he goes to the Northern Provinces. He had already taken his own shower in the other room and dressed in his usual business suit. He also had prepared a mug of hot coffee for her hangover when she was taking a shower earlier.

She remained silent in his presence but she picked up the coffee mug on the table near her and took a sip as she ignored its overwhelming bitterness on her tongue. After he ended his phone call, he handed her white coat and helped her slipped her arms around it like a child.

Standing in front of each other, Eli could see and check her properly. Even after wearing three-inch high-heeled shoes, she is still shorter against his tall figure, her head at most reaches his shoulders. Without her shoes, she could only reach up to his chest and would have to look up whenever she talks with him.

Leading her outside, he pulled out a huge umbrella to protect them from the rain. It seems that the storm has already passed and there’s only light rain falling from the sky. He moved closer to her sharing the only umbrella they have and waited for his driver to arrive with his car on the main entrance.

As soon as the car arrived in front of them, his driver quickly came out from the driver’s seat and immediately opened the back door.

Eli and Ririna quickly entered the car wordlessly. She sat far away from him and turned her attention outside the window. Returning to his seat, the driver turned on the engine and silently drove towards the Peach Blossom Garden where Ririna currently resides.

Eli wondered if she’s still mad at him. She hasn’t talked to him since she got out from shower.

Last night when she called another man’s name while she was asleep in his arms, he was actually on the verge on killing someone. His eyes narrowing at the sleeping woman beside him, pondering if he should wake her up and ask who’s the Sky she was calling in her sleep. She said she loved that person the most. Where would he put himself if there’s someone else claimed her heart?

Eli felt he was being threatened by this man named Sky. How dare he seduce his wife while he was not around? He is a very selfish man and wouldn’t let anyone beat him for Ririna’s heart. He decided that as soon as the sun peeks out from the darkened sky, he will call Jonathan to find out who this unknown rival is.

Arriving at the front gate of the Peach Blossom Garden, they were stopped by several security personnel of the area. They took their job seriously; outsiders are not allowed to come inside if they aren’t invited by any residents in the compound. No matter who they are or how famous or wealthy the outsiders are, they will never pass and go inside without the owner’s permission.

Peach Blossom Garden currently houses twenty-seven manors and mansions, exclusively owned by prominent and wealthy clans. It is located on the outskirts of New Global City which attract people who want to live in peace without going too far from the city. It also promotes that you can live closer to nature with cleaner air compared to the city’s polluted environment.

Eli wasn’t surprised at all that Ririna chose to stay in this area. While it wasn’t the usual option for socialite families, the security, and peacefulness that Peach Blossom Garden offers surely met Ririna’s standards. He knew Ririna never liked crowded places. She didn’t like going to public places and events, and she also suffers from claustrophobia.

It was actually his fault why she got this phobia. He had miscalculated one mission which included Ririna on the front liners. What’s more, it was her first time.

During that mission, Ririna and the other members of the front line had to make a way for the retrieving team to pass on a secluded and abandoned laboratory in the central province. One of the minions of the group they were about to bring down, fired an AT-4 rocket launcher near her position.

The blast sent her to the other side of the hallway before she falls deep down in the old elevator hoistway.

It also didn’t help that the debris from the explosion made it hard for the team to rescue her. It took almost four hours for them to recover the twelve-year-old Ririna from the hoistway. Since then, Eli never assigned her into the frontline. Ririna wasn’t very good at hand to hand combat and could easily bruise up from simple exercises but she was better at accurate reconnaissance and surveillance which made her a vital participant in his team.

With his strategic tactics and her reconnaissance, his team’s success rate surges into another

Coming back to the present, one of the staff of security knocked on the tinted window of his driver. They asked if they have received a visitor’s pass from any homeowners within the Peach Blossom Garden. Seeing that the driver couldn’t present any pass, they politely told them to leave the area.

Ririna who was listening to their conversation sighed. She forgot about the visitor pass. She has given her pass to Erica last night because she thought Louie will bring her back at her place. She turned down the window on her side and asked the security to let them in.

The security personnel who are currently on duty were surprised to see her with the famous businessman, Gamaliel Park on the back seat of the car. Since she was a homeowner within the Peach Blossom Garden, they let them in without a question.

Of course, they also respect the privacy of the homeowners but they couldn’t help but wonder why Miss Han is with the number one bachelor in town. Unless, they are exclusively dating, which also made sense since the breakup of the engagement between him and Karissa Wang are well known to the public.

Ririna is unaware of her popularity in the world of the opposite sex. While Karissa is known for her bust and curvaceous body, Ririna is smaller in stature and looks more delicate compared to other women. Her biggest asset is her smile which enthralled many people, leaving them speechless. It really isn’t surprising that the devil himself fell in her charm.

When the car stopped in front of a big white manor, Ririna quickly stepped out from the car without giving him a glance. Following her, he stepped out and pulled her elbow to make her face him. Looking down at her, he noticed she was scowling at him. He almost let out a laugh at her expression.

She looked like a kid who was grounded by her father and decided to give him a cold shoulder instead.

“I’m leaving today to visit the Northern Provinces. I’ll be gone for two weeks,” he said as he gently caresses the ends of her short hair before tucking a couple of strands at the back of her ear. “Behave yourself while I’m gone and don’t forget to miss me,” he added with a smirked at his lips before kissing the top of her head.

Why does he sound like a husband saying goodbye to his wife for a business trip?

Ririna snorted and fought the urge to roll her eyes at his antics. She crossed her arms instead.

“You will be the death of me,” she replied, her eyes glaring back at him.

He just looked at her with his eyes gleaming with amusement before going back inside the car and waved a hand at her. As the car moved away, Ririna stayed behind watching the car disappeared at the corner of the street.

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