PS I’m (not) Over You: Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Finding Daddy

Skyler hates going to school. He knows he has to because his mommy told him so but he really doesn’t like staying in this country. He was born in France and grew up in Holland. This country doesn’t seem to amaze him with anything.

If it wasn’t because of his mommy and his favorite gramps, he would have asked his mommy to go back to Holland.

Every day, he was bullied by older kids in his school. Telling him terrible things about him and his mommy. He didn’t mind them taunting him but he couldn’t keep quiet when they say something bad about his mommy. Usually, he would just brush off their mean words but there are times that he couldn’t help but angry and cry.

He doesn’t have a father. That’s what they are saying. On his young mind, it really didn’t matter since he never felt lonely just being with his mommy. Also, Mommy said, he has a father who has to be somewhere far away from them because she has to protect him.

Too many bad people wanted to hurt his Daddy and they will hurt him and his mommy if they found out about his existence. That’s what his mommy said why they aren’t with his daddy.

Mommy said he is her and Daddy’s precious little baby and he believes her.

His mommy is a beautiful lady. Many times he has seen guys trying to woo his mommy but she will always tell them no. Mommy always tells him she doesn’t need anyone else except him. She doesn’t need a man to be happy. Some of her suitors are mean! Some of them want to get rid of him as soon as they married his mommy!

Little Skyler was shocked when he saw his mommy punch one of her suitors in his face when he suggested sending Skyler to a private school far from her. He never saw his mommy get so mad, she was so scary! He wondered if his Daddy is as scary as his mommy when he’s mad. Would Daddy punch them like how his mommy did?

Weeks ago, he met Auntie Ginny’s soon to be husband when they went to shopping mall. He learned that Uncle Evan is his daddy’s brother, although Uncle Evan insisted that they are only half-brothers. When Uncle Evan asked him if he wanted to meet his daddy, Skyler was tempted to go with him but he remembered his mommy’s words, so he resisted.

Uncle Evan said he looks a lot like his daddy. They both have the same dark locks and grey eyes that are quite a prominent trait within the Park Family. The only difference they have is their hairstyle. His daddy’s hair is silky and straight while little Skyler has wild and spiky hair. Uncle said he is the mini version of his daddy which made him so happy.

He was silently eating his favorite chocolate mousse cake that his mommy made before she left to celebrate Auntie Ginny’s birthday with her friends.Jiro approaches him and sat beside him. They watched as the twin girls of their Auntie Erica build fortresses using blankets on their sleepover.

“Hmm.. mommy is unfair. I should have gone with her instead of playing with girls. Do you know that girls have cooties?” Jiro asked Skyler.

Skyler blinked at the other kid’s words, his grey eyes showing confusion.

“What are cooties?” he asked as he turned his head to his friend.

“Germs! You will get sick if the girls touch you!” Jiro explained.

“Ohh…” Skyler only nodded at him.

Silence followed then. Only the sound of Skyler’s fork to his cake and the giggling of the twins can be heard in the room.

“Do you know Uncle Evan’s brother?” Skyler asked Jiro.

Jiro knitted his tiny brows and scratch his head.

“Do you mean Uncle Eli?”

“Eh? I thought his name is Gamaliel Park?”

“It is! But we call him Uncle Eli. Uncle Evan calls him the devil and a monster. He said Uncle Eli will eat me if I misbehave tonight. He is scary when he’s mad. ” Jiro cringed when he remembered what his Uncle Evan said earlier.

Jiro brushed his red shirt and took a toy sword from the toy box. He left Skyler in the corner and called the twin girls within their blanket fortress.

“Hey! Let’s play Power Rangers! I’m going to be the Red Ranger! Let’s find a monster! ” Jiro called.

“Noooo!!! Monsters are scary. I don’t like monsters. I want to be a fairy. Wahhhh… ” Hanna, one of the twin girls, cried and hid within her pink ‘hello kitty’ blankets.

Skyler continued watching them silently as they played and he finished his cake. After brushing his teeth and donning his blue rabbit pajamas, he joined Jiro on the bed. The girls are in the other bed already asleep.

“Do you have a daddy?” Skyler asked Jiro out of the blue.

“Yes, but mommy said he’s gone and will never come back,” Jiro replied. He was also wearing his favorite pajamas and turned to his side to face Skyler. “But my daddy was bad! He made my mommy cry and he hurt other people. Why? Do you miss your daddy?”

Skyler shook his little head. He never missed his daddy because he never met him before. Jiro’s daddy made his mommy cry. Would his own daddy make his mommy cry too?

There are so many times he heard his mommy cry when she was working late in her paintings. Skyler always wondered what made her cry.

“I haven’t seen my daddy yet,” he said.

“Why? Who’s your daddy? Did your daddy leave you?”

“No. I don’t know where he is but Uncle Evan said his brother is my daddy.”

Jiro laid his head on his folded elbow to serve it as his pillow.

“Uncle Eli is your daddy?”

Skyler nodded.

“Do you want to see your daddy?”

He nodded again but…

“But mommy said I can’t meet him. I don’t know where he is,” he said solemnly.

“Let’s find your daddy! Don’t tell your mommy yet, alright?” Jiro grinned and Skyler smiled back at him.

Skyler fell asleep dreaming that he has seen his daddy upclose that night. His little heart hoping he will meet his daddy very soon.

The next morning, Skyler was so excited to come home. He really misses his mommy but when he came back, she wasn’t at home. Where did his mommy sleep? Why didn’t she come home?

His babysitter told him not to worry because his mommy might have slept at Auntie Erica’s place. Skyler is a bit uncomfortable. He never really liked having a babysitter look after him. He wants his mommy!

It was already past noon when Skyler heard a car stop in front of their home. He ran downstairs from his room to greet his mommy.

When he reached the front door, he noticed his mommy slip out from a black car and a man following behind her. He looked familiar. The man was taller than his mommy. He was talking with her. He caressed his mommy’s hair then he kissed her head before sliding back into the car and leaving her behind.

Skyler knows that man. It’s his daddy! He has seen many of his pictures in his mommy’s newspaper and on the television. He is sure that it was his daddy who dropped his mommy back home.

See? It isn’t true that he doesn’t have a daddy. His daddy looks so cool and handsome, much better than the daddies that his classmates have.

His face brightened up, he finally saw his own daddy! He will tell Jiro next time that he has seen his daddy from afar. Now that he saw him, he wants to meet him soon.

Would Uncle Evan still help him if he requested to meet his daddy this time? His young mind started working. It seems hard to plan how to find and meet his daddy without his mommy knowing it.

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