PS I’m (not) Over You: Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Seduced

As soon as they reached his place, Ririna started singing some nonsense lyrics from a song he didn’t know where she got from. She slurred through the lyrics and giggled as she put her arms around his neck. Eli watched her with a grim expression on his face though he couldn’t do anything about it. He just prayed that she wouldn’t suddenly nauseate on his shirt.

Ririna suddenly stopped singing as they stepped in on the elevator and Eli pushed the button up to his penthouse. It’s a good thing that’s it was already too late and only the night shift guard is on duty. He looked down at the woman in his arms, noticing her stare in his face. What does she want now?

She bit her lip and looked upwards at Eli. Their proximity was starting to get to her. It doesn’t help that she was drunk and vulnerable tonight. She could smell his musky scent reaching her nose. His grey eyes seemed to enchant her.

His face was unnervingly close. She could see his fine eyelashes up this close. At that moment, she felt an urge to move forward and press her lips to his. It was like she was sucked up into a dream. Was she dreaming that she’s with Eli?

When they arrived at his penthouse, they were welcomed with the darkened halls. He put her down on her feet and gently guided her to the master’s bedroom. She slightly stumbled to her feet and stopped in her tracks to get rid of her white coat, revealing a seductive backless black dress.

She groaned slightly as she sat at the edge of the bed. Eli kneeled down in front of her, helping her remove her high heeled shoes. He heard her sigh as he gently massaged her aching feet. Deciding to let her rest for a while, he left the room to get some medicines for her hangover.

When he came back from the kitchen, Ririna sleepily stood up and reached the zip of her dress from the back. He was in time to see her slipping out from her dress. It seems that her dress is supposed to be worn without the need of brassiere underneath it. He was surprised to see her naked chest revealed in front of him.

His body was frozen on the spot. Her breasts were slightly bigger and rounder than he remembered. Her curves are also fuller. She might have gained some weight during her absence but it didn’t make her figure less seductive. As she turned her back on him, he noticed her lacy white underwear hiding her most intimate area from his eyes.

He was undeniably hard by the time she laid her back on the silky sheets on his bed with a thud. Her head turned to one side, her short black hair spilled into his white pillows. Eyes closed but she was still murmuring in her sleep, her chest exposed to the cold air of his bedroom.

Then he noticed a scar on the lower part of her belly. It wasn’t big but still noticeable. As far as he could remember, Ririna didn’t have any scar on this part of her body. He knew her body like the back of his hand.

It has been years since he had taken a woman to his bed. Since Ririna left, he found other women repulsive and couldn’t bear to stay close with another. In his eyes, other women couldn’t compare against the woman who was drunk and asleep in his bed right now.

Walking toward the side of his bed, he left the medicine pills on his bedside table and reluctantly repositioned the sleeping woman underneath the sheets. He knows he has to leave her alone right now because his control is nearly on the edge.

What kind of torture is this?

Just when he was about to leave her side, his arm was pulled forward by the drunk woman, making him toppled over her almost naked body. Her eyes are full of desire and lust as she stared at him, but her breath smelled like alcohol. He could only assume she isn’t still in her usual state.

She will probably kill him when she comes back to normal. She already said she didn’t want anything from him so why is she doing this to him?

Tears brimmed in her eyes as she looked at him. She looked hurt and upset. ‘Women, such emotional creatures.’ He thought.

“Master…” she called. The same old tone of Ririna whenever she called him.

“Master, please forgive this one for turning against your wishes.” She continued. He had no idea what she was talking about.

Eli was about to ask her what she meant when suddenly his face was pulled down and he was kissed passionately by the woman beneath him. His control was about to snap. He really didn’t want to make another reason for her to hate him but it didn’t help that she was seducing him.

His fists clenched on the sheets beside her body. He tried to pull away but her arms wound themselves around his shoulder, keeping him in place. He groaned when he felt her body pressed against his. Warm lips pulled away from her to have his deep grey eyes look into her brown ones.

Her lips parted, cheeks flushed, she caught her breath quickly. Slowly she let go of him without breaking their gaze to each other. She really looked kissable and he really wants to kiss her senselessly. Her delicate hands shaking slightly as they reached up to cup his face again.
Without any words between the two, silence filled the room once again.
No, they should stop. They shouldn’t cross the line this time. No matter how much he really wants her, she would end up hating him in the end.

Eli felt himself becoming more aroused as he looked at her. She hummed lightly, her torso lifting up to reclaim his lips. He felt his final shred of control slip away from his grasp. He overtook the control of their kiss, possessing her, his hands started to trail up and down her sides before moving under her breasts to grope them.

Ririna moaned loudly and arched into his touch. His lips leaving hers before it trailed down to her neck, leaving dark marks in their wake. Her arms slid slowly down from his shoulders to his chest and started undoing the buttons of his dress shirt exposing his toned chest to her needy eyes.

He continued to attack her exposed neck and throat with his lips when he noticed she had stopped responding to his touches. Looking down, he couldn’t help but chuckle. This woman seduced him and just left him hanging.

Her hair is in a mess and her skin flushed, her neck and collarbone covered with his love bites. Eyes shut with exhaustion from the previous activities. He couldn’t help but trace her parted bruised lips with his fingers. She looks so beautiful.

This woman confused him. No woman had ever made him so uncomfortable and made him question himself. He was never so indecisive before.

Discarding his dress shirt, he moved over from her to lie on his back beside her. His arm slinking around her waist to pull her closer. Her hand splayed at the top of his naked chest. She was deeply engulfed in his arms. He pulled the silky sheets above them before planting a gentle kiss on her forehead. The sound of his heartbeat comforting and lulling her into her dreamland.

Eli looked up at the white ceiling of his bedroom, deep in thoughts wondering what should he do with her. He heard Ririna hum beside him again. This time she murmured something.

“Sky… baby. I love you the most..”

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