PS I’m (not) Over You: Chapter 14

Chapter 14: The Devil’s Witch

It was already past midnight when the girls finally passed out from their drunken state and exhaustion. Ririna and Ginny were the first one to fell asleep due to the high amount of alcohol they have taken, while Erica and Aya are a bit sober, closed their eyes to get a bit more energy so they can go home later. But Erica knows his perverted husband and Evan is lurking somewhere around them.

Imagine their surprise when they felt someone just intrude their booth. Aya couldn’t help but chuckle when she sees Evan, picking up his drunk fiancée. Ginny while asleep murmuring about the slice of cake she kept at home. Clutching Evan’s red shirt, she cried as she said someone stole it from the fridge.

Louie gently helped his wife Erica to her feet. While he is still a bit taller than her, her strength is still comparable to a man. Erica pulled his short ponytail and he whined back at her.

“Oww… oww.. darling. That hurts” He cried.

“I just knew it! You can’t keep yourselves but to spy on us!” She retorted.

He was happy that he had made the right decision to allow the twin girls to have a grand sleepover to the Elder Han’s mansion together with Skyler and Jiro, Aya’s five-year-old son. Even if they have been married for three years now and she could beat a grown-up man, he couldn’t help but worry about her.

When Aya and Erica noticed the tall figure of Eli hovering down to the sleeping artist on the corner, they wondered if he had heard what Ririna said earlier. They could make a conclusion based on his facial reaction. Erica had expected that Evan and Louie will spy on them as usual but she had never thought that Eli will be with them tonight.

His face so cold and serious as ever. Tonight, he seems to dress down. Instead of his usual business suit, he was wearing a white dress shirt and simple black pants. The two top buttons of his shirt open and his sleeves were folded up to his elbows.

Picking up the girls so they could bring them home, Evan manages to take his fiancée and Aya back to their car while Louie took his wife and the car both Erica and Ririna used earlier. It wasn’t so surprising when Eli took Ririna by himself without asking from the other guys.

When Eli took her out of the club, she suddenly let out a giggle. Her arms wrap around his neck, while his arm hook behind her knees to lift her up and carry her. Looking up to the man who was carrying her, Ririna cupped both sides of Eli’s cheeks surprising the man with her bold actions.

“Hi, baby, ” she greeted him. Eli quirk a brow. Did she just called him baby?

“Mmmm…. my baby looks so grown up and handsome. Look at me baby, I’m a princess. See.” Ririna said and then pointed up to the small silvery tiara on her head.

“Yes, yes. You are a beautiful princess. My Princess, ” he replied. He was quietly amused by this drunken side of Ririna.

“Oh, baby. You are my little prince forever but I’m not gonna be a princess. nah.. ah.. ” she waved her finger in his face. Little? Did he look like a small kid to this woman?

“Why? ” He asked as he tried to cover up her body with her white coat. She was wearing a short black dress underneath.

“Because a princess can’t marry the dragon. I mean the devil.” Her head slight wobble in his chest. She’s speaking about him, isn’t she,? Eli narrowed his grey eyes down to the woman in his arms.


“But hey, I chose to become a witch just to be with the devil before. Baby, you are looking so so so grown up, but I still wanna kiss your chubby cheeks right now.” Eli felt Ririna is going crazy right now. She’s been treating him like a kid and calling him her baby.

“Hey!” Ririna called, pulling his face down to her because he didn’t respond to what she had said.

” Right, I’m your devil, ” he grudgingly complied and she released his face nodding at his words. He felt her warm breath tickling his throat.

“Hmmm. goood… good. I’m giving away my tiara so I can be the devil’s witch. Do you think he will like me? Hmm?” Eli knows he will suffer another headache soon. He never knew Ririna could be like this when she’s drunk.

No one told him that a drunk Ririna is bad for his mental health.

“Don’t worry, the devil likes you, ” He assured her as he sat her down on the passenger seat of his car. How did he end up with this situation again?

“But he didn’t love me, ” Ririna cried which caught him off guard, “He didn’t want me as me.” What did she mean by that?

“I wanna be a princess too you know.” she laughed but her tears already stained her cheeks. “But I can never be because there’s only a witch for the devil. I’m soooo… in love with the devil before so can’t I be both his witch and his princess instead?”

Eli did not know how to respond to that. He knew Ririna has some special feelings for him but he did not expect that it will be this deep. His cold stoic mask cracked on her sudden confession.

“It is useless to be a witch when the devil doesn’t even want you, ” she said. ” I’m going to be a queen… I’ll protect you instead, baby.” she let out a girlish giggle.

He still failed to say a word to the drunk woman on his car. For how long she was in love with him? Is this why she left him years ago? Didn’t she know he will treat her like a queen if only she chooses to be with him once again? What did she mean when she said earlier that he couldn’t give her what she truly wanted?

Didn’t she love him anymore? Is she already giving up on him?

Driving away from the club, he gave her a side glance from his seat. The yellow light from the street lights making her sleeping form attractive. She fell asleep as soon as he starts to drive away. He knows where she was staying but he could not possibly take her in her place without explaining why she was with him. The security within the Peach Blossom Garden is quite heavy.

He didn’t want to start a rumor about Ririna. It would also cause trouble and issues if the Han Family find out about it. He knows that she will probably get mad at him once she woke up but he decided to let her stay in his place tonight.

He wouldn’t be able to see her for two weeks. Brushing away some stray locks from her beautiful face, he wondered what really happened between the two of them.

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