PS I’m (not) Over You: Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Break Free

After the long round of laughter ended, their conversations drifted to Ginny’s wedding that would happen in the next two weeks. She was quite excited but also nervous about their upcoming nuptials. Although she only has one brother, she was happy that all of her girlfriends will be able to attend one of the most important events of her life.

Her brown eyes almost filled with tears of happiness, it also didn’t help that she was also a bit tipsy and under the influence of the alcohol.

“So are you ready for your wedding night?” Erica teased. Her usual hair that was tied up in a high ponytails release from its ties.

Aya nudges Erica’s shoulder to take her attention before whispering, “Girl, go gentle on the Virgin one.”

Erica’s mouth gaped at her, forming an “o” shape.

“Oh my goodness. You haven’t reached the last base yet?” Erica exclaimed which earned Ginny’s face blushing in embarrassment. Why did they keep bringing up sex in their conversation?

“Don’t tell me you couldn’t wake up Happy and make him excited?” Aya asked before tipping down a margarita.

Ririna scoffed beside Ginny.

“I don’t think so. They are probably too nervous to get down on business.” She said.

Erica shook her head and served another glass of tequila to Aya.

“You’re the one to talk, Boss. What did you and Eli talk about when we left you alone? Did you kissed and make out?”

“Nothing to be bothered. Just confirming we haven’t reached a mutual decision.” Ririna replied.

“What? You have met with the devil so soon?” Aya joins the interrogation.

“What else, my darling. The devil himself even proposed a marriage to my little boss but she flatly rejected him.” Erica said laughing at her friends’ shock reactions.

“WHAAATT?” Ginny and Aya exclaimed. Their loud voices almost made Erica deaf.

“Could the two of you reach another octave? My ears are bleeding, you know,” she complained.
On the other booth…

Evan and Louie’s jaws dropped from what they heard from the other side. Really? Eli did propose to Ririna and she rejected him? They both looked at the devil in disbelief. So that’s why he didn’t seem surprised when Evan mentioned her name earlier because he already has met her.

“Why did you reject his proposal anyway?” Aya asked. Ririna shot her a glare. Why does she keep on insisting to make Eli part of her and Skyler’s lives? He will only hurt or worst hurt her son.

“As I said to him, I have no good reason to marry him. Do you think I’ll marry him just because he says so?”

“Yeah, and with all the troubles within the Han Zhou Entertainment and the upcoming exhibition. Ririna doesn’t have a time for her love life. You can cry with me when you see her schedule for the next three months. I’m surprised she isn’t dead yet from exhaustion.” Erica said.

Ririna knew she has a lot of things going on in her life right now. With Skyler as her utmost priority, her gallery for the exhibit isn’t complete yet and her last resort to gathering the 10% shares from Madam Lin hasn’t even settled.

She sighed. She could already feel the stress and exhaustion building up within her. Eli’s proposal didn’t help at all. Since their last meeting, she was having a hard time falling asleep. There are nights that she will slip out from her room and sleep beside Skyler instead. Her son’s presence helps her calm down her nerves and get a good night sleep.

She pondered how could she get away from Eli. While she admits, only to herself that she still loves him she knows too well that it is pointless. She was just one of his ‘prized possession’, never seen as just Ririna, a woman.

There are times that she couldn’t help but wonder if she went back to the Han Family sooner and they both had a similar status in the society, would he ever notice her? Perhaps not.
There were so many times that Eli didn’t mind one’s status. He found most of the socialite women unworthy for his attention, but why did he suddenly turned to her during her 18th birthday?

While it’s also true that she wanted him to see her as a woman, it doesn’t mean that he could take her as a whore. She felt so broken when he used her body. It felt so wrong, so painful to make love to the person you love the most yet he doesn’t return your feelings.

Maybe it’s time for her to make everything clear between the two of them. If she didn’t do it, Eli will continue to harass her, spy on her even scheme against her. She really didn’t want him to hurt her again. For the longest time, she has given him everything she had. Her adoration, faith, love and even her innocence.

It’s time for her to move on, maybe he needs to do the same and let her be free. There’s no use thinking that he could turn back time and make her his once again.

A man like him won’t be able to provide what she really wants. She needs not his money and his fame. These worldly things are useless if it couldn’t make her or Skyler happy. She needs love. Skyler deserves a fatherly love and she doesn’t believe Eli can give it to their son. Such a pity, she can’t see him as a father figure for their child.

Thinking about her son, Ririna’s heart ached with sadness. She knows her son really wants to meet his father and to call someone as his father. She knows how painful it is to grow up without a father. Her own father abandoned her and her mother for another woman. It is a hard thing to bear for a child.

She could only hope that her overflowing love for Skyler could make him happy. There’s nothing else a mother can wish but to see her child well and happy. And she intends to protect the happiness and innocence of her son.

They are happy just the two of them, right?

“Are you sure you don’t want to be with him?” Ginny’s sudden question made her thoughts come back to their conversation. ‘Why would I want to be with him?’ Ririna thought.

“He could go to hell for all I care. I don’t care what he has. I have no plans to reunite with him.” She replied. “He could never give what I truly wanted.”

Wasn’t it the truth? Their only connection right now is Evan and Ginny. When she and Skyler came from abroad, Ririna didn’t want anything to do with her past lover. She already made a decision years ago that she had enough of him and left. Why is trying to get her back?

She refused to be tied down in a loveless marriage. It would be very unfair to her and Skyler. Didn’t he already waste all those times she was head over heels about him? Doesn’t he know he has hurt her enough?

Maybe she should give Eli a call and give him a piece of her mind and tell him to f*ck off and leave her alone.

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