PS I’m (not) Over You: Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Birthday Celebration

It is already Saturday morning but Ririna is still not in a good mood. But she could always put up her best whenever she was with Skyler. For Ginny’s 29th birthday, Aya and Erica decided to hang out at a local bar which is exclusive only for wealthy and socialite families.

Since they will be going out tonight, Ririna decided to spend most of her day with her son. Skyler had too many stories to share when he came home from his great-grandpa’s mansion. Her gramps surely spoiled her son with a lot of clothes and toys that were added since their last visit.

“Mommy,” Sky called her. She’s busy preparing the dry ingredients for his favorite chocolate cake.

“Yes, my little prince?” She hasn’t called him that for a long time. When Skyler was three, he refused to be called little prince by his mommy. He claimed he was big enough and not to be treated like a kid anymore. Ririna almost snorted as she remembers it.

But he didn’t mind when she called him her baby? The irony. Just like his father. Tsk, tsk.

“Mommy, don’t get mad at me, please,” his wide grey eyes looking up on her; his chubby little fingers clutching her pink apron.

She knelt down in front of him to be at the same level.

“Why would mommy get mad? Did my sweet baby do something he shouldn’t?” she asked, her one hand running through his dark locks.

Skyler looked guiltily at his mother. He bit his lower lip and took his mother’s hand from his head and held it in his.

“Mommy, I met Uncle Evan. He said he’s Daddy’s brother. Am I in trouble, Mommy?” he asked.
Ririna didn’t know what to say. Well, she just met his father a few days ago. What’s more, he even proposed a marriage to her. Thinking about it, will he still offer her a marriage proposal if he knew about Skyler?

“No, baby. It’s alright. He didn’t bring you to your Daddy, right?” She asked.

The little boy just shook his head and she sighed in relief. She knows that although the two of them are brothers, they aren’t really close with each other. Eli hated Evan and his mother because he blames them for his father leaving his mother and ruining their family.

It’s a good thing that they aren’t on the same page lately. When she was younger, she made friends with Evan. Although, she served under Eli’s, that didn’t mean she wasn’t able to make friends with him. Eli didn’t mind that they were close and treated each other as brother and sister.

She believes that Evan won’t bring her child in a dangerous encounter. She has faith in him.
If only she could stay out of her problems and take him away. But she knows she will never be happy and content knowing that the real murderer of her mother is still out there waiting for her.

“It’s alright, baby. Uncle Evan is a good guy. He will never hurt you.” she smiled at her young child.


“So you are really going to take a break and let us manage the company?” His father asked. He only nodded and sorted out each contract based on priorities.


His father was looking at him like he had grown another head while his half-brother Evan was acting a bit weird lately in his presence. Sometimes he found him staring at him and then mumble something to himself. Evan was getting weirder lately. He just hopes he hasn’t decided to join a geek club where fans make shrines for their favorite shows.

“Mother is asking for assistance on the Northern Lands. It seems this Hattori Ikeda that we’ve been trying to locate before has planted his roots near Mother’s domain,” he replied, “I hope that the company is still in business when I come back.” his grey eyes narrowing at his younger brother.

Evan snorted at his elder brother. Eli always makes sure he felt inferior against him. It really was a good thing that his kid hasn’t inherited his arrogance.

“How long will you be staying with her?” their father asked.

“About two weeks, I guess.”

Gabriel Park nodded towards his eldest son. It has been years since he took a break from work. Ever since Ririna left him, he found his son constantly working, even taking overtime, for the last five years. Maybe something came up that made him change his mind.

“Can I go now? I have to pick up Ginny from the Hospital and drop her on Surprise Oasis Club.” Evan yawned as he stretched his arms in the air.

“What for?” his father asked.
“Oh, Dad. You know its Ginny’s birthday. They are having a girl’s night out later. You know to hang out with Ririna, since she just came back from abroad.” Evan intentionally said these word to see what will Eli’s reaction be when he mentioned Ririna.

“Oh and because Louie is such an a*s we’re going to spy on them tonight” he added. Well, it wouldn’t hurt to protect the ladies if something happens right?

Gabriel eyed both of his sons. He knew what his youngest son is trying to do. When Evan mentioned Ririna’s name, Eli’s face looked uninterested but he noticed that his movements faltered a little. ‘Not interested, huh?’ he thought.

Giving a little edge for his younger son to use, he tried to trick Eli to accompany Evan and Louie tonight which surprisingly, he didn’t refuse.

Since there are only four of them going out tonight, they used two cars as their service. One car was shared by Aya and Ginny since they are practically cousins; while, the other was for Ririna and Erica, the boss and the assistant.

Ginny isn’t a type of woman that goes bar hopping, unlike her three friends. While she, Erica and Aya are almost with the same age at twenty-nine, Ririna is the youngest of the group. She is seven years younger at the age of only twenty-three. They got along really well.

Unbeknownst to them, there are three men spying on their group. Since the partition between each table is quite thin but wide, they didn’t notice as the boys seated themselves on the other booth. They are in disguise to help them conceal their identities.

“Hey before we start. Here’s your big tiara, Ginny. You are the Queen of the Night!” Aya exclaimed, passing a huge golden tiara to her cousin, while she handed smaller ones to Ririna and Erica. “Of course, we also have tiaras, my darlings. We’re princesses.” she laughed.

Ginny giggled at her cousin’s remarks and say thanks for her tiara. It has been too long since she celebrated her birthday with all of her best friends only. She almost cried with happiness.

The guys in the other booth silently sipped their drinks while Louie teased Evan for having the Queen as his fiancée.

The server came back to the girls and served up their food and drinks. Ririna took a small glass of drink with a slice of lemon. She tipped the drink down and quickly bit the lemon.

“Hey, hey. Relax, Ririna. We’re just getting started,” Erica teased.

Ririna just grinned and took another one.

“The tabs are on me, Ginny.” she offered.

“What’s that?” Ginny asked. She wasn’t familiar with any alcoholic drinks but she was surprised that Ririna easily tipped it down without batting an eyelash.

“Martini, honey. Try some. It’s a good drink for starters,” Ririna replied.

“Since when did you become an alcoholic woman?” Aya asked.

The other three women laughed at her question.

“I am not,” Ririna defended herself, “My business partner owns a cocktails bar. Got free drinks because of it.” she said before taking down another glass of martini.

Ginny took another glass from the tray and tried the martini before biting the slice of lemon. Her friends laughed so hard when she gave them a lemon smile.

“Damn, this is so good,” she commented. “Whoever invented this is a pure genius!” Their booth was instantly filled with giggles and peals of laughter.

“Hmm..try Sex on the Beach,” Ririna said.

Their laughter halted in an instant. Ginny gave her a confused look while Erica and Aya finally understand what she meant, slapping her shoulder before laughing their a*ses off.

Meanwhile, on the other booth, Evan and Louise were frozen when they heard Ririna’s advice. Sex on the Beach? What the f*ck? Since when did she become so liberated?

Taking a chance to look at the devil beside them, they didn’t see any reaction. He was still chilling out in the corner, his legs crossed while he holds a glass of wine in one hand. He was silently listening to the girly chattering on the other booth.

“What? It’s a ladies’ drink, you pervert!”

When they heard her explanation. They both sighed in relief, knowing that the devil won’t do something reckless. It seems the devil knows what she was talking about.

‘Damn you Ririna, for torturing us.’ Evan thought.

Later, the girls started to feel warmed up and a little drunk from the alcohol they have taken. The giggling started to get worse which annoyed the boys on the other booth.

“Hmm… these little drinks are quite strong,” Ginny giggled. “I’m seeing fuzzy things”

Ririna snorted while holding a glass of mojito on her hand. She patted Ginny’s head like a child before saying “Size doesn’t matter, Hun”.

She took a moment to laugh before realizing what she has said. Why does it sound so wrong?

Erica broke into another fit of laughter while Aya joined her. Ririna frowned on her friends’ antics.

“Ririna! That sooo sounds like something else! Are we really talking about drinks?” Aya exclaimed as she slapped the table, her other arm cradled her tummy. “Oh-ahahahaha”

Ginny’s face flushed red in embarrassment.

“Ririna! You! You are so naughty. A naughty girl indeed!” Erica pointed at Ririna and burst into another fit of laughter on what she had said earlier.

Why does Ririna sound so pervy tonight?

On the other booth, Evan and Louie were trying to cover up their laughter with their hands while Eli was looking down in his glass of wine, slowly swirling it. A small smile curving on his lips.

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