PS I’m (not) Over You: Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Ex-Fiancee

She felt pathetic. Really pathetic.

She shouldn’t have come here to reconnect with him. She should have avoided him at all cost.

His kisses made her knees tremble, so powerful so possessive that it made her breathless. His entire body pressed against hers, his scent making her dizzy. Ririna felt she was about to cry with the overwhelming emotions she was having at that moment.

This need to stop right now!

She tried to pull away but with his arms securely wrapped around her waist, she could only push him on his shoulders. As soon as his lips let go of hers, a loud slap landed on his handsome face. Her slap echoed within the almost empty room, making the two of them freeze on the spot.

No one has ever dared to hit him. No one escapes death and lives when he is provoked.

Ririna looked up at him, trying to gauge his anger meter. Will he hit her back?

Eli lowered his head slightly, staring at her with a blazing gaze. As if he really like to devour her, consume her, take everything from her the next moment. He was also quite breathless like her.

Slowly, he caresses her head and put some loose strands of hair behind her ear.

“You can forget, but I will never forget that you are mine, Ririna,” He said in a nonchalant way but in her ears, it was like he was telling her that he will never forget her.

Since their bodies were still pressed together, Ririna could feel his arousal against her stomach. Her face turned a deep shade of red and she hurried to push herself away from him, her eyes avoiding to meet his gaze.

“So shameless, Mr. Park,” she snapped at him.

“If you wouldn’t consider this marriage arrangement, I guess I should pass this request to Elder Han.”

Ririna was clearly surprised. How much does this man know about her? Has he already found out about Skyler?

No. If he seeks her grandfather, he might find out about the existence of their son.

Why is this man insisting to marry her? She already said no.

Taking a step back to add more distance between them, she took long and steady deep breaths to calm herself.

“Please don’t waste your time on me, Mr. Park. It seems we aren’t able to meet a mutual decision. Contact my assistant anytime, if you ever change your mind to sell your shares.”

She picked up her handbag that fell on the floor during their intimate moment earlier.

His lips curled into a small smile which is barely noticeable.

“You only need to accept my terms and you can have all the shares you want.”

She could feel a vein nearly popped out in her head. Here he goes again!

Can’t he leave her alone?

Moving towards the door, Ririna walked away from him, eager to leave as soon as possible. Just when she was about to open it, a hand halted her, holding her hand before sliding the door open.

As they walked out from the office, they noticed a small commotion going on outside. Jonathan was being cornered by two familiar figures. Ririna’s eyes flashed with sudden rage and killing intent. A familiar woman arguing to Jonathan has something to settle with her.

‘Karissa Wang. You just made a contact with a death reaper’ Ririna thought,

“What do you mean he doesn’t want to see us? Do you know who I am?” Karissa’s voice could be heard throughout the whole floor they were in. She was wearing a skimpy dress that shows a lot of skin. Was she trying to seduce the devil with that attire?

“Miss Wang. Master Eli has given us orders not to let you in.” Jonathan calmly replied to the rude woman.

Ririna noticed Erica leaning on a wall a bit far away from the commotion. Looking at her, she could see she was smirking, for sure thinking something laughable about Karissa.

“Mr. Wei. We’ve been asking for a meeting for weeks.” An older businessman joined them. It’s not surprising that Karissa brought her father to talk with Eli.

When the office door opened, it was Jonathan and Erica who was the first to notice. It seems that they couldn’t prevent another confrontation. As soon as Karissa saw Eli coming out from his office, her face brightened up with excitement. But when she saw Ririna, the woman she thought she already got rid of years ago, her expression turns to sour.

Seeing Eli who was still holding Ririna’s hand, her anger rose to another level.

“You!” She stumped fast towards the couple. “Why are you with, Eli? I should’ve made sure you were dead years ago!” She yelled and tried to slap the young woman beside Eli.

Surprisingly, Eli blocked her attack. He caught her hand, held her wrist before yanking her arm away from him.

“So now you are admitting you tried to kill Ririna?” His voice dangerously cold.
For years, he had known that she was the one who tried to harm Ririna. If it wasn’t for her, Ririna would have never suffered and wouldn’t even dare to leave him. He found out how she tampered with Ririna’s car and sent mercenaries to kill her.

He couldn’t do anything about it because at that time, they were in the process of merger and it was critical that they took over the Wang Corporation. Since one of the conditions in the contract was for him to marry Karissa Wang, his grudge against her had been kept aside.

Now that the stocks and business of Wang Corporation are falling because of him, Karissa’s father is eager for them to continue the engagement to save their company. They are fools. It was Eli’s plan all along. He had never considered taking Karissa as his wife.

His eyes narrowing, contemplating how to instantly kill her. He will not allow this woman to hurt Ririna again. Now that she’s back in his life no one can hurt her as long as he is alive.

“Miss Wang. Do you know what you are saying? Don’t you know I can use the words you say and bring it to court?” Ririna’s sweet voice joined their conversation. Eli couldn’t help but notice how Ririna’s eyes shone with mischief. He inwardly smiled. His wife is not a weak woman.

His wife. He liked that.

Karissa gritted her teeth. It seems that the accident didn’t help to weaken Ririna’s fangs against her. It was all her fault why Eli never noticed her. She was the one who kept Eli’s affection away from her. Even if she was Eli’s fiancée for several years, he never cared for her, never took her in his bed, never loved her.

She knew Eli doesn’t care for women. Before her, he only took women to satisfy his sexual needs, never because he loved them. But with Ririna, Eli is a different person. He wouldn’t say it but he cared for her, protect her even if she was his personal mercenary. The way he looked, the way he talked, the way he cared for her, it was too different.

“Eli, I only did that because she kept on coming between us!” She insisted, her eyes full of hatred to Ririna, who was looking at her with a bored look. She tried again to hit her but she didn’t expect Ririna to grip Eli’s arm and use his body to hide from her.

She looked up at him and gave him an innocent look. Her eyes blinking at him.

“Mr. Park,”

Eli gave Ririna a side glance. Was she trying to taunt and spite Karissa by using him? It seems that his wife would love to play with her new found prey. Karissa’s face was contorted with anger as if she was going to explode any minute.

“Mr. Wang,” Eli decided to end this farce that Karissa started. “Your daughter did something immoral while she was engaged to me. Do you expect the Park Family to be cuckolded?” His glare sent shivers to the older man.

Not able to face the shame and embarrassment that his daughter brought to him, he pulled away Karissa, who was getting hysterical, by her arm and left them watching behind.

“What a day.” Erica sighed as she drove Ririna’s car away from S&S Enterprise. She has seen a lot of entertainment today and she couldn’t wait to share these with Ginny and Aya.

They will surely be surprised when she tells them how the devil proposed to their friend Ririna, and how Karissa made a fool out of herself when she showed up unexpectedly after Eli and Ririna’s meeting.

“You tell me,” Ririna replied. She was seated in the passenger seat letting Erica drive. Her imminent headache is starting. She pinched the bridge between her brows as she thought of Plan B since she failed to get Eli’s company share on Han Zhou.

“Have you found out anything yet about Madam Lin’s problem?” She asked.
Erica shook her head, her eyes still on the road.

“Nope. We couldn’t take all the information of the case from the National Security & Investigation Bureau.” She replied.

“Give me your laptop,” Ririna said as she adjusted her seat and let her legs stretched a bit more. She took Erica’s laptop and set it up in front of her.

As they stopped in the traffic section, Erica could see how fast Ririna typed on her laptop. Long codes kept on popping up on her screen. How could she do that? In just ten minutes, she was able to hack the system and download all the data about Madam Lin’s Daughter-in-law murder case.

“Wow, how did you do that?” She couldn’t help but ask anyway.

Ririna shrugged her shoulders, saved the documents before putting the laptop away. She really needs to take a nap. She’s too tired to think right now.

“Hey, Ririna,” Erica called.

“Hmm?”, Ririna replied to let her know that she got her attention without opening her eyes.

“Ginny’s birthday is on Saturday. I cleared your schedule so don’t forget.”

Ririna sighed.


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