PS I’m (not) Over You: Chapter 10

Chapter 10: I Love You, Let Me Love You

If only she was allowed to laugh at that moment, she would probably have laughed until her tummy hurt. Erica could see the shocked expression on her friend’s face too.

They never expected that Eli would make a move and lay out a marriage proposal for Ririna. Marry him and bear his child? Ha! If only he knew about Sky but Erica would rather die than to betray her lady boss.

Ririna tried to fight the urge to pinch herself to know that she wasn’t dreaming. She took a deep breath and composed herself. She shouldn’t fall for his charm. He wouldn’t say these words if he had nothing to gain from this bargain.

“Mr. Park, for the 18% shares, you want me to marry you?” She asked. Her eyes slightly narrowing with suspicion.

There’s something wrong with his proposal. She thought there is no reason for him to keep the shares. What could he possibly do with it? S&S Enterprise is already doing well. Most of their competitors cannot compete with them with regard to their products and consumer satisfaction.

Why would the CEO of a successful IT company branch out to the entertainment industry?

Looking at him, she could only assume that having the shares, he might have planned this for a long time ago?

Why else would he do this?

Revenge? To get back at her?

Did he really think she is willing to play a game with him?

“Do you expect me to ask you to sell your body to me instead?” Eli said, “Not that we haven’t slept together before.”

Erica tried to suppress her laughter by coughing beside Ririna. Jonathan felt that his eyes will practically fall out from his skull. He was also stunned by his master’s actions.

‘Insolent bastard’ Ririna thought. Such a shameless man. How did she end up loving someone like him?

She can’t point out whether he’s just being shameless or he is just too willing to mess with her.

Her deathly glare to the man was unexpected. He found it refreshing on her part. She never did these things when she was still part of his team. Surprisingly, it wasn’t revolting, he actually found it pleasant. She isn’t the same Ririna who was too submissive to his wishes and commands.

His woman has got some backbone.

When he had reached her earlier, her scent had hit him like a tsunami. So intoxicating that made him crave for more of her. He missed her terribly.

‘Ririna! Ririna! You’re so smart but how could you be so clueless sometimes!’ Erica almost rolled her eyes as she listened to the two lovers in front of her.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Park. I don’t think we have to resort to marriage just to settle this issue. So sorry to disappoint you that I don’t need to spread my legs to achieve what I want.” She almost hissed in reply.

Why is this man so infuriating today? She shouldn’t have come here after him.

“Is it really too unworthy for you to consider me for marriage? There are advantages that you could have being my wife.” As he spoke, his face remained in a calm demeanor.

Ririna shook her head, her eyes returning to the documents stacked up on his desk. Rubbing her temples, she sighed as she tried to find a logical explanation for this scenario. She had expected him refusing to give up the shares he had accumulated, not for him to offer a marriage proposal in a business manner.

“I don’t have good reason to marry you, Mr. Park. If there’s nothing else you want to discuss so we can settle this issue, then I guess we have to go.”

Setting down the unsigned contract, she stood up from her seat and gave a knowing look to her personal assistant. She gave one last glance to Eli before turning herself ready to leave this hell he called his office.


“Jonathan. Leave us alone.” His tone was cold and serious. Ririna’s heart trembled fiercely in her chest. What is he planning to do now?

Jonathan gave a look of concern to the young lady before reluctantly followed his master’s order.

“As you wish, Master Eli,” He said before leaving the room silently.

“Miss Ririna?” Erica inquired. She knows she shouldn’t leave the two alone but she couldn’t possibly defy Eli’s orders. He is way too stubborn to accept rejection which Ririna just did today.

“I’m fine. You can wait for me outside. This will not take too long.” Ririna gave her a bitter smile.

When the two assistant left the room, it was instantly filled with awkwardness and coldness that made Ririna shiver under his gaze.

“Ririna,” He called, standing up from his seat, turning his back on her he started out his floor to ceiling window behind his desk. Ririna looked up at Eli with uncertainty and a bit of nervousness.

It was the first time in years she had heard him called out her name.

Taking out a cigarette from his pocket, he lit it and took a couple of puff before turning his eyes over his shoulder.

“Are you still afraid of me?” He asked.

Afraid? She isn’t really afraid of him. But who wouldn’t get terrified in his presence? His enemies and subordinates maybe, but not her. Before she really didn’t feel agitated when he was around. She actually felt safe and secured whenever she was with him. So what was she afraid of?

Simple. His world and lifestyle. Her child. If she stayed with Eli, she couldn’t protect her child in the way they were living. S&S Enterprise is just a front for the Park Family. They are working for the Presidential Family of this country.

In public, there are police and militaries protecting the citizens, on the other hand, the Park Family is one of the families that do the dirty works for the government. Like a watchdog that is paid a hefty amount of money.

From investigating the black market, human trafficking and kidnappings to assassinating opposing parties of the government. The Park Family have been doing this kind of works for three generations starting from Eli’s grandmother.

If she chose to stay, would that mean that Skyler will become like them? She refuses to give her son that kind of life.


“Then why?” Facing her, his eyes somewhat reflected gentleness on her, “why are you still refusing me?”

“You don’t love me. Why do you want to marry me? You will eventually divorce me when you get tired of me.”

“Who said I intend to divorce you?” His piercing cold gray eyes looking at her. Her heart skipped a beat on his statement. Does he really want to marry her? But why? He could have any woman he wants but why would he choose her? Her hand clenching at her side. She didn’t need any distractions.

“Know this Ririna. You can hide and run as much as you want but I will still have you in the end.”

There’s a finality in his tone.

Checking out his profile, Ririna realized something. He had seen through her façade. How much did he know? She had no idea. Eli didn’t say another word, but removed his coat, and walked over her place.

Without anyone to help her from Eli’s advances, his hand reached up to cup her face with his right hand. The gentleness of his touch tugged a string on her heart.

How many times did she dream of this when she was younger? How many times did she wish for him to notice her?

She looked up at him, noticing that even if she was wearing a high heeled pair of shoes, she barely reached his wide shoulder. Her eyes fluttering shut and her head slightly leaned on the warmth of his palm. Her brain told her to move away, never to return and forget about him but her heart still whispering “I love you. Let me love you”.

The hand that was on her face slipped to the back of her neck, his other arm circling her small waist pulling her towards his body. Surprised by his sudden action, her eyes widened as his lips pressed hard against hers. Her fist clenched on his dark grey shirt as she was overwhelmed by his searing kiss.

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