PS I’m (not) Over You: Chapter 0

Chapter 0: Character List


Ririna Han – (23) Female Protagonist. Previously known as the Witch of the Underworld. She originally has long black hair but was cut into shoulder length and dyed brown. Trained as a private assassin by Gamaliel Park since childhood, she fell in love and became a lover of her master. She bore him a son, pretended to have an amnesia and left Eli’s side to protect their child from him and the Underworld. Ririna was forced to come back after receiving a letter about the murder of her dead mother.

Gamaliel Park/ Eli – (34) Male Protagonist. The firstborn son of the Park family, a mercenary family that works for the government to do their dirty works in the Underworld. He’s known as “The Devil”. He saved Ririna from the orphanage and trained her to become an assassin for his team. He was a worldly man, as a future heir to the underworld empire and CEO of multi-corporations, there’s nothing that he couldn’t have when he wanted it. But everything changed when Ririna left him behind.

Skyler Han – (4) Son of Gamaliel Park and Ririna Han. He seeks to find his father by using all means he could have.

Hiro Liu – (29) – President of Liu Xing Group of Companies. Ririna’s childhood crush. One of the successors for the title of “Hattori Ikeda” of the Underworld.

Rion Stahl – (30) Ririna’s friend. They both met when Ririna was pregnant and he was drunk and grieving over his sister’s death. By being Ririna’s business partner, he helps her curate her artworks and manage her gallery and exhibits. Sara’s boyfriend.

Sara Yun – (23) Rion’s first girlfriend/lover. A well-known cosplayer and a fujoshi. She loves to watch and read Yaoi which disturbs her normie boyfriend.

Yelan Han (46) Previous successor for the title of Hattori Ikeda. Ririna and Jared’s mother and Yuna Song’s best friend. Lady of the Han family.

Yuna Song (54) Eli’s mother. Owner of Song Group of Companies.

Daniel Shao (48) Yelan Han’s partner and previous successor of the title Hattori Ikeda. The younger twin of the Shao brothers.

Samuel Shao (48) Current Hattori Ikeda of the Underworld. He manages and controls one-third of the Underworld. Because of his obsession with Yelan Han, he attempted to kill her after being fed up with her rejections and refusing to treat her chronic illness.

Lawrence Yun (32) Ginny and Sara’s elder brother and current CEO of Yun Electronics.

Ayame Xuan (29) Jiro’s mother and Ririna’s friend. A widower who finds love with the aloof and cold businessman Lawrence Yun.

Jiro Xuan (5) Skyler’s best friend and playmate. He always defends Skyler from bullies and spends a lot of time with him due to his mother’s busy working schedule.

Erica Huang (29) Ririna’s head of security and friend. Kian’s elder sister.

Kian Huang (25) Erica’s younger brother who suffers unrequited love for Ririna and has a deep hatred for Gamaliel Park and Skyler Han.

Ginny Yun (29) Ririna’s physician and Evan’s wife. She’s also the second child of the Yun family.

Evan Park (29) Eli’s half-brother and Ginny’s husband. He has a close friendship with Louie Tan.

Gabriel Park (57) Eli and Evan’s father. Second generation (The Devil of the Underworld).

Karissa Wang (25) Eli’s ex-fiancee. Daughter of the owner of Wang Corporation and a former model.

Cindy Zhou (20) A B-rated actress. Popular for having the lead female role for romance genre films.

Eunice Qian (31) Lawrence’s first wife.

Jared Zhou (21) Ririna Han’s younger brother.

Jerry (?) Member of the private army of Park family.

Aoi (27) Eli’s right-hand man. He took most of the A rank assassination, spying and infiltration missions for Eli’s team.

Christian Jiang

Michelle Jiang

Xander Jiang

Francis Jiang

Beatrice Tang

Ashlee Lu

Ava Stahl

Adeline Liu

Annika Yi

Mikaela Yi

Dylan Hao

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