Little Miss Witch: Revenge of the Tainted Angel

Novel Name Little Miss Witch: Revenge of the Tainted Angel
Author anjeeriku
Status Ongoing
Genre Romance, Modern, Drama, Angst

“I’m not happy anymore.” Her husband said with a straight face. “Let’s get divorced.”

At that moment, Li Xiuying thought her world has fallen apart.

“On your side, I feel like suffocating. You were oblivious to my sadness for all these years. You smile and act like there isn’t a problem between us even though you know our marriage is dying.”

“But why?”

“I don’t love you anymore.” He said without hesitation.

Unbeknownst to him, Li Xiuying knew his betrayal and his unfaithfulness. When she refused to sign the divorce papers, the mistress took the matters on her own hand and forced Li Xiuying in her own death.

When Li Chuntao found out that her older twin sister was betrayed and killed by her own husband, she gives up her dream of becoming a doctor to take revenge on the man responsible for her sister’s death. Disguising herself as her dead sister, she pretends to have amnesia to cover up her flaws while portraying as the innocent wife of Mu Jianyu.

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Little Miss Witch: Revenge of the Tainted Angel
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One thought on “Little Miss Witch: Revenge of the Tainted Angel

  1. neotheo says:

    Hi Anjeeriku. I look forward for this novels update. I have read till chapter 3 so far in webnovels. Great story and I love how your story stirs your readers emotion. Keep it up!