Little Miss Devil: The President’s Mischievous Wife Chapter 81.5

81.5 She’s the One for Him

*Warning: R18+ content ahead. Read at your own risk.*

Long fingers began to roam freely over her body, her blouse totally discarded. His lips found her neck and collarbone, sucking and leaving dark marks on her normally pale skin. Lu Xinyi moaned at his ministrations, the fire under her skin igniting itself to another level at his touch.

“Hmm,” she sighed contently as her body was exposed to the cool air within their room while his warm hands stroke at the softness of her skin.

“What is it?” Shen Yi murmured above her, his fingers sliding down to the hemline of her skirt to unclasp its hook and pull it down, followed by her undergarments.

“I thought you have enough self-control,” she said breathlessly. Her husband pulled back and stared down lovingly on her face.

“I do, but I can’t hold back when you’re like this.”

His hand trailed down her torso, making his wife squirm in his touch. Lu Xinyi smiled as her hands slid up to his cheeks as his lips descended to hers once more. A low moan escaped from her throat as he parted her legs to settle himself between her thighs. His other hand settled on her waist.

“Your brother might hear us,” she warned, but Shen Yi didn’t have any plans to let his brother ruin his day. Shen Xue had already taken his wife’s attention and desserts. He would make sure his younger brother wouldn’t come between him and his wife again.

“Then let him hear us. A good and faster way to kick him out from here.” Shen Yi smirked.

Ha! Let Shen Xue suffer from his own demise. He was the one who chose to stay, and he should face the consequences. Shen Yi didn’t mind giving his younger brother a mental scar. He would make sure Shen Xue would regret breaking into his house.

Lu Xinyi arched her back as her husband’s lips trailed down to her throat and collarbone, her fingers gripping the sheets as she tried to stop herself from moaning too loud.

“Do you think I’m crazy?” he asked his wife out of the blue. There was no hint of playfulness on his voice.

“Why would you think you’re crazy?” She looked up to her husband. Her hands ran up his arms until she touched his muscled back to hold him close.

Running a hand on her flat stomach, Shen Yi was in a daze.

“I’m wondering what would you look like when you become pregnant with our child,” he whispered quietly. They hadn’t really talked about having children except for Lu Xinyi using contraceptive pills until she was done with her degree at Silver Leaf.

“There’s nothing to worry about. I thought you said you aren’t good with children.” The corner of her lips pulled into a smile. His fingers resumed its exploration. One hand settled on her hips, and the other one wove through her long hair.

“Yes, I’m not, but I think you will love them,” he uttered, slightly distracted when the tip of his arousal touched her warm core.

“Of course, I will. I will love them as much as I love you.”

Smiling at her response, Shen Yi released her and trailed his lips on her exposed skin until he reached the spot between her legs. Lu Xinyi let out a frustrated groan which made his pride swell; his wife wanted him… desperately wanted him inside of her.

His fingers fluttering on her smooth thighs before he delved his tongue into her wet sex. He nuzzled and buried his face against her, taking the scent of her arousal.

“Oh, please, Shen Yi… I want you inside of me. You don’t have to do this—”

Her words were cut off when Shen Yi nipped her inner thigh, silencing her…

“Be patient. You’ll get what you want, but first…” His tongue took a slow lick on her wet folds, Lu Xinyi threw her head backed and gasped silently. Why he was so good at this? He played her body well as if he was playing an instrument.

Lu Xinyi’s moans echoed off the walls, her back arching on his ministrations.

“Let me have you,” he whispered and Lu Xinyi nodded. Her mind already lost from the pleasure he was giving to her. His tongue made its way inside of her while his head shook back and forth with one hand stimulating her pearl.

“Shen Yi!” Her fingers gripped his hair in a tight hold, tugged him down and locking her in his place between her legs. Her moans fueling his desire for her. His mind was filled nothing but her. The taste of her, the scent of her… she was everything to him.

Shen Yi pulled his arm and sneaked his hand up so he could fill her with his fingers, keeping his tongue teasing her sensitive bud.

She gasped as she felt his fingers curling inside her warm core, working to find her pleasure spot. She bucked her hips up and he took it as a sign that he was near to complete his exploration.

“Ahhh… Ahhh.. yes. That’s it. Oh, Shen Yi…”

Her walls contracted around his fingers as he found her sweet spot. His lips found her pink nub, running his tongue around it before giving it a light suck. He continued to assault the same spot, massaging it slowly and precisely until his wife writhed beneath him and she came undone, spilling her sweet secretions right on his mouth.

Lu Xinyi panted and released the tight hold she had on Shen Yi’s hair. Her eyesight on a blur as she tried to hold herself together.

“Shen Yi. That’s incredible.”

He gave him a prideful smirk, sliding up her body while leaving small kisses along the way.

“We’re not that, my dear wife. You cannot escape from me.” He teased, catching a nipple with his lips. His other hand following close and cupped the other breast massaging it and pinching its taut nipple.

Shen Yii found himself reaching his limit as his cock leaking his essence, desperately needed to be inside of her. He released her breast and slid up further to nuzzle her neck while nipping the soft skin of her shoulder.

She cupped both sides of his face, her eyes filled with lust and desire only for him. Shen Yi’s hand reached down to grab the back of her knee, motioning her to open up for him. Once they were in position, he leaned down to kiss her lips and guided his throbbing member on her warm core.

Lu Xinyi winced when he eased himself into her body. Her inner muscles clenched and adjusted to his size. Her body pressed against his as she felt his race heartbeat. His lips ghosted over hers as he waited for her to adjust.

“I love you,” she repeated her declaration of love, her own mouth closing the gap between them, and he pressed back. His body pulled back before thrusting in and out of her at a slow pace. She gasped and moaned through their sweet friction while he grunted.

Shen Yi felt nail scratched his scalp, and he shivered in response. Euphoria rushed through him at the feeling of her tight core gripping deliciously around him. His mind was filled with nothing but her. Fuck the world. He didn’t care what they think about her, because for him, Lu Xinyi was perfect.

Releasing her lips, his eyes took pleasure of the sight of his wife’s flushed face. Her neck exposed to him as if submitting herself with her face tilted on one side. Her hair was splayed at the pillow beneath her head, and her marked chest heaved with her every moan.

He pressed his lips against her neck while her nails clawed at his back as she pushed her body up to meet his thrusts. He continued to speed up their pace. Their sweats mingled while he continued to drive her further to the edge.

“M-more… please…harder”

Shen Yi complied with ease to her pleading, his body taking her in with stronger and deeper thrust until she cried out his name. Her nails dug into his flesh. He groaned as he felt her tighten around him, her body arching into his as she reached her peak.

He ground hard, pitched deep, and pumped himself more before following her off the precipice of pleasure. He spilled his seeds into her waiting womb, fully aware that it wasn’t time for them to have a child.

But this night wasn’t the time to make their own child. This night was solely for the two of them and was about making love. With slightly shaking fingers, he held her tight, clinging to her body as if he never wanted to let her go.


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