Little Miss Devil: The President’s Mischievous Wife Chapter 65.5

Chapter 65.5: Loving You in All the Right Ways

*Warning: R18+ content ahead. Read at your own risk.*

They ate in companionable silence for the rest of the meal until Shen Yi got up and brought the dirty dishes to the sink. Lu Xinyi followed shortly to throw away the wrappers used on her burgers. Trying her best to keep her blush down, Lu Xinyi stammered a thank you to her husband before turning towards their bedroom.

She sat on the edge of their bed and loosened the straps of her shoes before discarding them. Lifting her head, she noticed Shen Yi standing at the doorway. As if in trance, Lu Xinyi stood up and walked towards him, her right hand touching his cheek. Without her shoes, she barely reached his shoulders and had to lift her head to look into his eyes.

Shen Yi stepped forward and closed the door behind him before pressing his wife against it, both hands on each side of her head. The kiss that came after was already expected. Unlike with their previous kisses, this one was demanding. Their hands clutched each other desperately.

The desire was clearly not one-sided as Lu Xinyi found her back slammed against the wall, and yet her legs were brought up to wrap around his waist in desperation.

“Xinxin… I want our wedding night.” Shen Yi whispered in between their kisses.

Her nails moved against his neck and scalp as they kissed and kissed. She felt his one hand moved down to her neck, going up and down her chest before settling on her waist. Lu Xinyi shivered hard, not having been touched like that before. Shen Yi’s mouth released hers and went along her neck and down to her shoulder.

“Shen Yi,” Lu Xinyi’s breathy voice called out to him.

“This is your last chance to stop me,” Shen Yi said, but his hand started to release her from her dress.

“Take me then.” Lu Xinyi whispered against his lips. “I want you, too.”

One moment, they were kissing against the door, and the next, Lu Xinyi found herself pinned on the bed, under the larger form of her husband, the man she loved. She let out a breath when he discarded his shirt that now lay crumpled on the floor. She sat up and let her fingers lightly trace his chest. Shen Yi closed his eyes and basked in her touch.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked for the last time, his thumb touching her lips.

“Yes,” Lu Xinyi whispered.

His hands cupped her face, affection, and desire reflecting on his eyes. His lips returned to hers, the innocent kiss quickly turned into a fiery one. Lu Xinyi gasped as she felt his lips skimmed down on her neck to her collarbone leaving dark marks on its wake. Her moans passed from her lips as one of his hands stroked her uncovered skin. His fingers stopped at the top of her evening dress to slip it off her body.

Shen Yi ran his fingers against her cheek before returning his lips to hers, giving her one passionate kiss. Lu Xinyi whimpered beneath him as his hands moved over her body, awakening her senses. His mouth roamed the exposed skin on her shoulder while her hand went to his hair as his kisses then trailed down to her stomach and between her thighs.

Lu Xinyi gasped as she felt the cold air hit her bare breast and the feeling of being fully exposed to her husband. She shivered when she saw the intense look in Shen Yi’s eyes. Going back to her neck, he had his hand trail down to her slim waist.

“I’m sorry.” Lu Xinyi whispered; she sounded very nervous and embarrassed, being naked beneath him.

“Shh… It’s alright,” Shen Yi murmured, his other hand caressing her cheek lovingly. “Don’t apologize. There is nothing to be ashamed of.”

Leaning over her, Shen Yi took her lips in a gentle kiss, taking his time to kiss her as he tried to make her relax. The effect was as he desired. Lu Xinyi slowly eased on his touch, relaxing her body from her stiff position. Her arms slid up to his muscled arms and wound it around his shoulders.

Pulling back, Shen Yi looked at her with half-lidded eyes as he drank in her naked form. His breath hitched at the sight. Lu Xinyi’s soft white skin was revealed only to his eyes. Her breasts weren’t large and somewhat smaller which he’d already expected, but nevertheless, she was breathtaking.

“Beautiful,” he breathed out. “My sweet beautiful Xinxin.”

His words made Lu Xinyi’s cheeks burn red from embarrassment. Her eyes refused to meet his gaze with shyness, fully aware that Shen Yi was staring at her.

“I’m not lying. You are beautiful.”

Lu Xinyi smiled; her heart skipped a beat on his confession before he captured her lips with his once more. His tongue licked her lower lip, asking for entrance which she almost instantly granted. Shen Yi greedily searched and savored every inch of her mouth while Lu Xinyi decided to become a participant and meet his tongue along the way to fight for dominance.
Their moans matched their heart rates as their kiss prolonged with neither of them wanting to end it. As they continued their shared kiss, Shen Yi was aware that his wife was getting more comfortable with this intimacy.

With every moan and sound she made, Shen Yi felt he was getting more aroused by her. He stilled himself, promising that he would make this a perfect night for his wife. His arousal was standing stiff, hurting him terribly, but he needed to take his time.

They started to move in unison and began to explore each other’s body. Their hands touching, venturing, and trying to familiarize each bent and dip of their bodies. Their lips parted to let Shen Yi nibble and nip on her neck and shoulders.

Lu Xinyi’s heart rate took a race when he trailed lower once more, never stopping until a nipple was caught between his lips, taking it into his mouth. He began to suckle gently, his tongue circling around her nipple making his wife shudder beneath him. His free hand moved and found the neglected twin.

Lu Xinyi moaned loudly and arched to her husband’s mouth. Her body craved for the sensations Shen Yi was causing her, and she was desperate for more. She was never been touched like this. She didn’t even have an idea that lovemaking could be this passionate and intense.

His tongue and hand switched sides, making sure each mound received the same attention from him. Her moans continued to drive him mad as they became slightly erratic from his touch. Adjusting his body to hover over his wife, Shen Yi saw her eyes trailed up on his bare form, appreciating the taut muscles on his torso. Her eyes glimmered with desire as she looked at him. Her lips found his as she continued to touch him.

His hands found the material that was keeping her from him. Shen Yi hooked his fingers on both sides of her panties and slid it off down her shapely legs. He resumed leaving kisses on her body, traveling south until he was down in between her thighs again, his mouth finding her untouched jewel.

Lu Xinyi arched her back at the unexpected assault in her womanhood. She could only scream as she was held in place, her fingers gripping his hair in a tight hold. Her toes curled in ecstasy with her head thrashing left and right, not knowing what to do. Her body shook hard when she orgasmed right in his mouth, feeding him her sweet secretions. Shen Yi loved the feeling of her essence smearing on his chin, the liquid still gushing out even as his tongue continued to lap it up greedily.

“No more please,” Lu Xinyi begged him as she whimpered with pleading eyes. “I need you inside of me.” The need to be filled was too strong on her.

Shen Yi licked his lips, her taste lingering on his tongue. Pulling himself up, he looked over her and drunk the sight of her hair tousled on the pillows, cheeks blushing because of him, eyes reflecting love and desire that let him knew that he was her only one.

He gently pulled her legs apart, settled himself between her legs, and kissed her hard on the lips. She gasped into his mouth when he rocked his erection against her waiting heat. Breaking off the kiss, Shen Yi removed the rest of his clothes, letting it fall to the floor, joining Lu Xinyi’s evening dress.

Lu Xinyi stared back at him when he paused to silently ask for her permission. She took a deep breath knowing this might hurt her. She could feel the tip of his arousal pressed on her entrance. She closed her eyes and let her husband ease himself further into her. Shen Yi was forced to kiss her fervently before entering her wet core in one thrust, tearing her maiden barrier and earning a sharp scream from his wife.

“I’m sorry.”

He gritted his teeth and leaned over her. He hated that he had to hurt her like this, but it was unavoidable. Both of them remained frozen for a moment. Shen Yi had expected her to be tight, but he didn’t expect the vice-like grip around his member the moment he was fully sheathed inside her. Her inner walls were so hot and squeezing him in an insane way. Shen Yi forced to still himself for a fear of premature ejaculation.

When he regained himself, he realized that Lu Xinyi was crying. Did it hurt her so much? A genuinely worried expression showed up on his face.

“Xinyi, I’m sorry. I promise it’ll get better.” He stroked her fringe back and whispered to her. “Shh.. relax, It’ll go away soon.” His lips left small and gentle kisses on her face, starting from her forehead, to her eyes, and down to her nose and mouth.

“It’s okay,” Lu Xinyi murmured softly, “You can move now.”

Her reassurance was all Shen Yi needed as he pulled himself almost all the way out of her before slamming his hips into hers. The scream of pain she had earlier was replaced with a loud moan as she felt the waves of pleasure shake her entirety. Shen Yi moved and filled her entire being, her hand clawing on his back and her fingernails digging on his skin.

Her soreness was almost forgotten, overtaken by the pleasure she had no idea existed. Her hands wrapped around his shoulder, while her legs wrapped themselves around his thighs, inviting him to take her deeper and faster which he did.

Shen Yi looked down at his wife as he continued to impale her with his whole length, allowing her essence to guide him through her tight core and watched how she take him in, swallowing his member over and over.

“Xinxin..” he couldn’t find the words to explain these feelings to her. His hips brushed against her inner thighs as he increased the power and intensity of each penetration. He slammed into her harder and faster, making his wife scream his name, that the only thing he could do was to seal her mouth with his, letting his tongue and manhood plunder her—claim her as his.

After this, they would never be the same. She would be his wife in every sense. This would be the greatest reminder of whom she belonged to. No more pretense as they became truly husband and wife in all ways.

Shen Yi released her lips and buried his head in her shoulder to suppress his own moans. He gripped her thighs and thrust deeper inside of her. The view of her tousled hair, her hands gripping the sheets beneath her, and her face that was contorted in pleasure pleased him greatly. He wanted her to look like this only to him and for him.

“Ah— Shen Yi, I can’t..” Lu Xinyi cried out, their bodies now lining with sweat. She could feel that same tension was about to be released inside of her.

“Don’t hold it and release it…” Shen Yi whispered as he persisted, bringing them together into the pinnacle. He continued thrusting into her core as she was now pressed against him.

His head fell once again on her shoulder as her walls closed down around his arousal, squeezing him tight, milking him for his seeds. She was even wetter, encouraging his own release. The friction felt incredible for both of them.

Lu Xinyi cried out as she felt another powerful orgasm racked her body. Shen Yi had brought her to a level of pleasure she’d never felt before. With one last thrust, Lu Xinyi felt her husband’s release, spilling himself within her, filling her with his seed. Their heated and sweaty bodies pressed against each other as he rocked into her a few more times until he couldn’t anymore.

Shen Yi held himself above her, panting as his eyes drank the sight of his wife beneath him: her messy hair, her marked skin, and her chest heaving as she caught her breath as he did. He calmed himself before slowly pulling out of her, both groaning at the loss of contact. Lying on his back beside her, his arm wound around her to pull her over to his chest, her hand splaying on his torso.

Planting one last kiss on his lips, Lu Xinyi slowly drifted into sleep and let her husband pull the silken sheets above them. She snuggled to him lazily, and they both dozed off, letting exhaustion and sleep taker over.


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