Little Miss Devil: The President’s Mischievous Wife Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Do You Have a Boyfriend?

The next morning…

Shen Yi pondered if his own father and grandmother would one day stop trying to play a matchmaker for him. This was the third one already for this month and his patience was starting to run out.

When his father gave him the ticket for this cruise vacation, he was threatened by his grandmother not to come home unless he’s willing to date a woman. He already ditched Xia Yuhan yesterday, the woman whom his grandmother set for him. Clearly, this was his family’s way to let him know that they wanted him to get married soon.

Shen Yi sat silently with the woman he’d force to accompany him that morning. He really wished that this vacation will end soon so he could go home. The atmosphere within the diner was filled with couples who flirt and tease each other through whispers and murmurs that made his stomach churn in irritation.

He already made up his mind yesterday that he will seek Miss Pancakes help so he could survive this disastrous vacation. He looked around making sure that Xia Yuhan wasn’t following him today.

Lu Xinyi looked at the man in front of her. She tried to escape earlier but failed as she found herself sitting across the weird stranger who keeps calling her Miss Pancakes.

“Do you need something?” Lu Xinyi had enough of him.

“I wish to discuss a deal with you.” Shen Yi started.

“What deal? Can’t you ask someone else? You see, you’re ruining my vacation.”

Shen Yi tilted his head in one side, his dark eyes staring at her making Lu Xinyi uncomfortable on her seat.

“It’s not like you have a boyfriend,” he said.

Lu Xinyi winced at his words, remembering her cheating ex-boyfriend. She didn’t like this stranger and at the same time, she didn’t want to be reminded of how stupid she was.

This cruise vacation was intended for couples so it wasn’t really surprising if they encounter and meet one while they were on it. Shen Yi was shocked when he found out that Miss Pancakes were spending the vacation alone on this cruise ship.

“That’s not of your business. I chose to be alone on this vacation.”

The tone of her voice made Shen Yi regret what he’d said earlier. He wanted to seek her help and yet here he was, being a stupid guy making her sad.

Miss Pancakes looked miserable right now and Shen Yi mentally berated himself for being stupid.

“Miss Pancakes…”

Lu Xinyi glared at the man. She was contemplating how could she push him off the cruise or strangle him to death without anyone noticing his absence.

“What pancakes? I have a name, mister!” she hissed.

Shen Yi stifled a laugh. This woman was surely different from the rest.

“What’s your name then?”

Lu Xinyi hesitated and bit her lower lip. Did she really have to associate herself with this man?

“Lu Xinyi.” She finally said.

“Do you want to say what’s bothering you?”

“No.” They were practically strangers, what made him think that she will open up her problems to him?

“Have you ever been on one of these cruises before?” he asked.


She poked and played with the food she had on her plate. Her appetite already gone because of this weird stranger.

“Oh? So do you have a boyfriend?”

Well, if he was going to ask for her help, he should know first if she was committed on someone or else…

Lu Xinyi stopped and wondered why he was asking. It wasn’t like he was interested in her or something, right?

“Not anymore,” she said. “We broke up because he never used the right head to save our relationship.”

Shen Yi resisted his desire to laugh. He knew it. He’d already had this assumption that Miss Pancakes ditched her boyfriend because of a third party.

“So I guess we’re both stuck on this hell.” he sighed.

“Are we?” Lu Xinyi asked with a slight smile. It was weird feeling relaxed and at peace on her company. For someone like Shen Yi who doesn’t like to interact or to be near with others, it was already surprising to see him talking to a woman on the same table in a close proximity.

“Indeed. My family set me up with that woman even though they know I’m not interested with her.”

Lu Xinyi snorted. Was this man so narcissistic that he couldn’t see a beautiful human being aside from him?

“Heh, who would like to date someone like you,” she muttered.

Shen Yi almost fell out of his chair when he heard what she said.

“You don’t know who am I, do you?” He asked, for if she did, he will have to stop and leave her alone. He didn’t want another woman eyeing his family’s fortune.

“Should I?” Lu Xinyi asked.

Shen Yi shrugged his shoulders before leaning his back on his seat.


He looked calm and collected but his mind was screaming yes over and over. She didn’t recognize him. Miss Pancakes truly didn’t know who he is. He liked that she didn’t know him. Her company was like a fresh air that soothes him.

Lu Xinyi arched a thin brow at him, wondering what was up with him now while Shen Yi smirked internally. This deal with Miss Pancakes will be fun.

Her phone vibrated in her pocket. Taking it out to see who messaged her, Lu Xinyi opened the message without reading the sender’s name. Her brown eyes blinked as she stared down at the screen of her phone.

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