Little Miss Devil: The President’s Mischievous Wife Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Charming the Ice Devil

Wait. What did he just call her?

Miss Pancakes? What pancakes?

If only she knew what he meant by that.

Lu Xinyi frowned and put a hand on his chest while the other kept her hat in its place. She then tried to push him away from her. What the hell just happened?

One minute ago, she saw him busy arguing with that woman, and now she found herself in his strong arms that held her close against his body. She stiffened and her breath hitched when she felt his hands stroking the side of her face. Her round eyes blinked in confusion before realizing that somehow this man was harassing her.

“Mister. Please remove your hands on me before I reap off your limbs from your torso,” she hissed before pinching his arm to release herself from his grasp.

Shen Yi’s dark eyes glimmered with amusement. Didn’t this woman recognize him or know who she was talking to? He had never met a woman who blatantly talks back to him.

“I need your cooperation. Please help me,” he whispered to her while making sure the other woman was far enough not to hear what they were talking about.

Lu Xinyi glared at him and was about to retort when Shen Yi turned his head to the other woman while pushing Lu Xinyi to his side so she wouldn’t escape.

“We’re leaving now. Don’t worry about your company’s proposal. I’ll look over it once we’re back in the city.”

He pulled on Lu Xinyi’s arm and didn’t give the woman a chance to speak another word. Words were pointless especially to someone like him who already made up his mind. That’s because he didn’t have to think of what he should say to Xia Yuhan. He already knows what the answer was even before they even asked him.

Xia Yuhan cursed silently and could only watch the couple walking away from her.

She only took a chance to have this cruise vacation to seduce Shen Yi. Who would have thought that trying to charm him was like talking to an ice block? The president of Shen Holdings really deserved his title as the ice devil.

Xia Yuhan looked around and saw several couples throwing curious and judgemental glances along her way. She has never been humiliated in her life like this. Her fists tightly clenched on her side as she walked away, swearing that she will do her best to get Shen Yi’s attention. Four more days until the cruise vacation ends.

Lu Xinyi stumbled on her feet as the stranger dragged her away from the top deck of the cruise ship. She had no idea what came up that forced this man to use her to fend off the woman.

She dislikes men who think they could use anyone as they pleased. This reminded her of her bitterness against her ex-boyfriend and best friend. If she had known that they’ve been cheating on her back earlier, she wondered what would have happened.

Her inbox was bombarded with messages from her ex-boyfriend. She wasn’t planning to read it anyway. What else could be Gong Yijun’s alibi now?

‘Hey, babe. I brought a new brand of condoms but since you wouldn’t sleep with me even after years of dating, I decided to test it out with your best friend.’

Lu Xinyi snorted at the idea that popped up on her mind. Her thoughts made her walk without watching where she was going. She missed a step on the stairs and found herself falling. It was too late for her when she noticed. She anticipated the impact and waited for the pain to hit her but was surprised when she heard a thud.

Lu Xinyi fell into the stranger’s embrace once more. Her chest pressed against his and made her flush in embarrassment. An arm snagged her waist and righted her. Shen Yi arched a brow at her.

Now he was certain that she was really a pancake woman.

“W-What the…”

She looked from his arm to his face in confusion. This weird stranger saved her? Really?

“Should I have let you fall?”

His voice made her feel uneasy again. Why did it have an effect on her anyway?

She looked back at his face and saw how handsome he was up close. Seconds later, she realized that she’d let go of her hat and it was now gone with the gust of wind. Her arm tried to reach out for it but she failed to catch it.

“My hat!” Lu Xi exclaimed.

Shen Yi shook his head and sighed. This woman doesn’t seem affected by his charm, unlike other women. He had no idea that the pancake woman he just met really didn’t have an idea who he was.

“I’ll buy you another one. Forget about it.”

Lu Xinyi stomped her feet like a kid which made the man chuckle on her childishness.

“I don’t need your money and it’s your fault that it’s gone now.”


Now that made Shen Yi wonder if this woman really doesn’t know anything about the Shen family. He never thought there would be a day he will meet someone that will treat him like a normal person. Will she ever change once she finds out who he is?

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