Little Miss Devil: The President’s Mischievous Wife Chapter 312.5

Chapter 312.5: You Want More? I Still Have More to Give and to Offer

Lu Xinyi had fought for dominance, forcing him to his back. She pushed him off of her, with her small hands splayed across his chest before she boldly climbed on top of him, straddling his waist. Her hands were on him, feeling him warm and slightly damp.

Shen Yi felt her plump lips teasing the path down to his chest. He groaned as her nails scratched on down to his nipples, raising goosebumps on his skin. When he saw her eyes lidded, he felt his blood rush. She flicked her tongue out for a long draw as he gritted his teeth trying to withstand the pleasurable torture his wife had put him in.

His hands found the sheets beneath him and gripping it hard. Her head lifted up, taking his attention solely at her. She wanted to make sure he was looking before she ran her tongue along her top teeth before moving downward.

Shen Yi shivered at the sudden visual tease his wife had given to him. He decided then that he really liked this side of her.

Her teeth nipped at his abs before loosening the towel that was wrapped around his waist. He cursed to himself and closed his eyes again when he felt her breath on his arousal. She had done this before, and every time she does this favor, he felt that all the reins on his self-control snapped too easily.

She sat up, her eyes teasing him. He lifted the hem of her skimpy nightdress and let her pulled it off. Lu Xinyi resumed her exploration of his body. Her hands ran over his biceps and slid down to his pectoral muscles, making sure to scratch his abs with her nails.

Shen Yi reached for her waist and settled his hands on her hips before gliding down to squeeze her posterior. She would let her take her fill first before he indulged himself in her warmth.

Her eyes never left his face, even when her other hand reached between their bodies, gripping his prominent erection. She stroked him up and down, pulling his foreskin over the tip of his member while brushing her thumb.

“Are you sure you are feeling better, or do I need to keep you in my bed?” she said huskily as a throaty groan escaped from his lips.

Lu Xinyi began trailing kisses along his jaw, down to his neck once again, leaving her husband frustrated. He couldn’t wait to feel her wrapped around his member, with her inner walls squeezing him in such a delectable way.

She slid down on his body, her lips trailing lower before stopping right above his arousal which was already hard and throbbing—in need for her. He could feel her warm breath against the tip of his member.

She looked up to him wide-eyed, pretending to be surprised and innocent of her teasing. Her lips curled into a devilish smirk before he felt her warm tongue glided over his tip.

Shen Yi’s head fell back, his eyes snap shut at his wife’s action. His mind was in complete chaos.

To hell with his control! His hands reached out to her head and buried it on her long tresses. He wanted her to want him, to need him just as he was into her. He needed her to complete him. His eyes tightly closed, letting himself feel what she was doing to him. Her nails lightly ran along his inner thigh making him stiffen.

Suddenly, her teeth came out to play, and he jerked upwards.


Lu Xinyi shivered at the sound of her name that passed on his lips. She felt his fingers tightened on her hair. She smiled a little, glad that she was able to drive him mad just as what he could do to her.

She closed her eyes as she rode him. Shen Yi rarely gave her a chance to be on top so she should better enjoy this before he decided she had enough. Shen Yi ran his hands on her thighs and thrust his hips upwards.

“I’m so glad you are fine now.” Lu Xinyi panted.

“I have a good reason to be.” Shen Yi grunted a little when her inner walls clamped tighter. His eyes lidded more. He truly appreciated that she was starting to lose her shyness during their lovemaking.

Lu Xinyi grabbed the headboard of her bed to help lift herself up and drop smoothly, impaling herself with his stiff manhood. She rode him harder as his hands on her hips guided her to thrust deeper.

“Oh, yes… more… I need more…”

Their pace picked up. Shen Yi tried to meet her halfway as he thrust upward to hit her deeper. Lu Xinyi cried out; her grip on the headboard tightened as she came, whispering his name. Taking the hint that she had enough, Shen Yi flipped their position and hovered above her.

Her lashes lowered as he kissed her slow, keeping his member buried inside of her. Her hands gripped his body as he came completely over her.

She was never nervous or afraid of his larger frame over her smaller one; neither was she afraid of him being rough when he made love with her. In his arms, she felt safe, even from the beginning.

Shen Yi settled between her thighs, his lips ghosting on her ear.

“You want more?” he whispered seriously, “I still have more to give and to offer.”

Lu Xinyi then felt his member nestled at the apex of her smooth thighs. Then its tip started to tease her swollen bud, making her moan and found herself getting wet once more. He looked at her amused that she was ready for him.

“Yi, please I need you.”

“Xinxin…”He groaned and let a bit of himself inside her tight sheathe, her slick heat surrounding him. She whined on his stalling.

Pushing himself deeper, Shen Yi restrained himself from premature ejaculation. She was still tight and confining. Once he was sheathed down to the hilt, Lu Xinyi wrapped her legs around his slender hips. Shen Yi grunted and began to thrust slowly in and out of her, burying himself as far as he could before pulling out with just his tip remaining in her heat.

Lu Xinyi could feel her eyes rolling back into her head as intense wave after wave of pleasure rolled over her body. With his lips nipping and sucking on her neck and collarbone, she knew that she would be sore if this continued.

He covered her mouth with his. His tongue sought hers to tangle. She kissed him back as hard as he was thrusting. Both of their lips were going to be swollen after this, but they didn’t care. She melted against him, both arms sliding down along his back, desperate to pull him closer.

Her nails dug on his scalp as he angled his mouth into hers, bringing out mewling from his wife. When Shen Yi released her lips, she was panting heavily, having a hard time to catch her breath. The pleasure that was slowly building inside of her coiled up, threatening to release her second orgasm for the day.

Shen Yi took in her blushing face and swollen lips as he continued to impale himself to her welcoming heat. He lowered his head to kiss her once more, pulling her close to him as his hips began thrusting more frantically against hers.

Lu Xinyi could do nothing but hold onto him as the stars began to burst behind her eyes, threatening to take away her consciousness. She cried out once she reached her peak, screaming in pleasure as she felt him release his hot load deep inside her waiting womb. She was disappointed that she couldn’t able to give him a child for now.