Webnovel Fan Meeting in the Philippines

The 1st Webnovel fan meeting in Philippines is coming! Join Webnovel writers and translators face to face at the Pan Pacific Hotel Manila, Philippines, on Nov. 24th! Want to know their joys and delights in Webnovel? Click the [Register] button to join the event! You will get >> A badge + Chances to win bonus

Dead Man Tell No Lies Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Untimely Death The station was busy as always. Several officers chatting in low voices, talking about the serial killing case that shook the entire department recently. A killer on the loose, murdering young women which brought fears on the citizen of the Central City. While Ying Yue, the resident forensic pathologist of the

Unfinished Symphony: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Shinomiya Twins “Are you trying to get me killed, Kanna? I don’t have a death wish; you know? Do you really want me to write my last will now and pick up my own headstone?” He could clearly hear his younger brother’s loud voice as soon as he got out from his